Reimagining the workplace: Introducing the new Mapiq

Mapiq has evolved! After months of hard work, dedication, and creative exploration, we are proud to introduce our new brand identity.

Mapiq has a new look and feel that will make your experience even more enjoyable. Moreover, under the hood, our workplace experience platform has received a big overhaul in the past two years. It's built from the ground up with the workplace teams and their challenges in mind. This rebranding is a good moment to reinforce this direction and for us to reintroduce ourselves!

Why a rebrand?

About a year ago, we looked at our brand and realized that we just weren’t conveying who we are or what we stand for, and we wanted to change that. So, who are we?

We want to accelerate the transition to meaningful workplaces worldwide – enable places where people thrive and experience an environment perfectly shaped to their needs.

In the constantly changing world of work, workplace leaders need to be able to adapt their office to match new realities quickly and anticipate challenges yet to come. Balancing cost optimization while maintaining a positive workplace experience is the daily daunting task for our clients, with high stakes and rewards. Mapiq offers a single, smart platform that makes finding this sweet spot easier than ever.

Mapiq helps improve your workplace strategy constantly based on data. AI-powered suggestions make it easy to implement your next steps—enabling cost-efficient, sustainable offices shaped around your team’s evolving requirements for success and connection.            

Our new brand identity reflects that by visualizing the hidden potential of the workplace within each organization. Our site and platform now have a vibrant new look and feel to make Mapiq as inspiring as the workplaces that it enables.

Our new logo

Mapiq’s logo is completely redesigned with a new wordmark to be more mature and approachable, fitting our brand. You may come across our new logo in two forms: solely as our brand name "Mapiq," or paired with our icon. The presentation will vary based on the purpose and situation. In our product, the complete logo combination is more dominant.

The map in a new light

The new icon for Mapiq combines the letter "M" from our name, the skyline of offices, and a reference to our workplace map functionality within our platform and app.

The office map has always been a consistent and important part of our product, but also in how our clients perceive Mapiq. Our office map remains a key element in bringing people together with intention.

To us, the map in our logo also represents our clients’ journey in transforming their offices into meaningful workplaces. Workplace leaders now have a greater responsibility than ever to create sustainable environments that foster connection and collaboration. To achieve this, curiosity and adaptability are needed, and Mapiq is a reliable source of information that assists them in reaching this goal.

New colors, typography, and system

Mapiq's platform and app have a new warm color palette that reflects our brand and maintains the smooth, enjoyable experience you're used to.

At the office, we strive to create a welcoming environment. To achieve this, we updated our color scheme and fonts to be more inviting and added elements to make our brand feel more human and approachable.

Reimagining the workplace

You may have already noticed the Mapiq spaces as part of our new brand system. These spaces represent workspaces in a minimalistic, almost abstract, yet colorful way and embody the intangible energy of people interacting in a workspace. They also reflect the evolving purpose of the office over time, which is made possible through our platform. In other words: Mapiq brings your workplace to life.

In-product examples

Our product team continuously improves Mapiq to create a single platform for workplace leaders to design, manage, and optimize offices. Our feature releases have been quietly building towards this goal in recent months. This rebranding won't include any initial functional changes within the product but will improve the overall user experience and give a taste of what's coming next. We hope you enjoy our new brand as much as we did creating it.

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