Mapiq solution now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The Mapiq workplace experience platform is now available available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, making it easy for global enterprises to implement the solutions they need to improve the way people connect and collaborate at work.

Mapiq's solution is dedicated to helping organizations to adapt their offices to better anticipate and accommodate employees' unique ways of working. Now, the platform is available in 53 countries through the marketplace, providing easy implementation and streamlined billing and procurement process for global organizations.

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store for ready-to-use cloud applications and services certified to run on Azure. Customers can purchase Mapiq’s Starter and Premium packages in just a click of a button. The solution provides a free trial as well as support through the implementation and onboarding of the platform while eliminating the hassle of added requirements.

"Our partnership with Microsoft has been a long-standing one, and we're looking forward to expanding it. Being able to access Mapiq on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace will help global enterprises easily implement the solutions they need to optimize their offices and improve the way people connect and collaborate at work."

Ram Puranam

Global Head, Partner Ecosystem at Mapiq

Mapiq provides workplace managers the tools to manage their office usage while providing data-driven suggestions needed to optimize workspaces. The end-user applications supports employees throughout their workday, making it easy to connect with and find colleagues, book desks and meeting rooms, and plan for ad hoc collaboration.  

“We’re delighted to welcome Mapiq to our Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The Microsoft Azure Marketplace lets customers worldwide discover, try, and deploy software solutions like the Mapiq workplace experience platform. Through the Azure Marketplace, Mapiq’s solution for managing workplaces will now be available for download.”

Eva van den Noort

ISV Lead and Partner Manager at Microsoft

Click here to find Mapiq on Azure Marketplace.

About Mapiq

Mapiq builds workplace experience solutions dedicated to creating smarter, more meaningful workdays. Companies worldwide rely on Mapiq to manage their spaces and foster an environment for their people to connect, collaborate, and succeed in. Founded in 2015, our technology supports hybrid working strategies worldwide with clients that include Fortune 500 companies such as, Danone, and Microsoft. While organizations worldwide adapt to a new workplace reality, we envision a world where offices will no longer be seen as the place employees have to be, but instead as the place they want to be.

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