3 ways to create a flexible work environment

1. Provide different workspaces

The higher the autonomy level, the higher the motivation and happiness, and the lower the employee turnover. An activity-based workspace is designed with a variety of workplaces in the office. This way, employees can choose a workplace that fits their activity: there are dedicated places to call, brainstorm, or focus. Research shows that 88% of highly engaged employees work in offices with an activity-based working concept. With the help of smart technology, employees can easily find the right workplace for their activity, check the availability of specific workplaces, and share facilities with their colleagues.

2. Enable collaboration

60% of employees say spaces where they can relax, meet with colleagues, and be creative, enhance their productivity. Working together on creative projects helps employees to feel part of a company and excel in their careers. Activity-based working increases collaboration and complex problem-solving. Besides, if you let employees mingle more, you would be surprised about how much more creativity is being spread. Technology can help facilitate face-to-face contact, determine team locations, and make real connections at work.

3. Great office experience

With an activity-based working concept, you can serve your employees in any way they want. You empower them to create their own preferred work spot. Mapiq’s technology gives insight into available workplaces and meeting rooms. This enables employees to immediately find the right place to work. It stops them from inefficiently wandering around in the office, trying to find an available and suitable workspace. Are you ready to stay flexible? Contact our smart office advisors today.

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