PDF: The Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being

Well-being has moved from an easily dismissed, faintly hippie notion to something that’s taken seriously across sectors. It was inevitable that the workplace would become a front in this revolution. Most people spend at least a third of their lives at work. In this research paper, we'll lay out the Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being, which we developed through research and our own experience.

Benefits of data-driven portfolio management

Create people-centric spaces

Create more appealing spaces that help you retain employees while making data-driven decisions to give them what they need to succeed.

Maintain privacy and security

We practice ongoing vulnerability testing and account for privacy concerns in every stage of development. Your employees’ privacy and security are always top priority.

Increase occupancy rates

Employees with a strong sense of belonging report a 56% higher overall job performance

What is Mapiq?

Mapiq is a user-friendly workplace experience platform that helps workplace teams worldwide manage flexible working policies, improve their offices with data, and create the best workplace experience.

Do I need sensor technology to start with Mapiq?

Mapiq doesn't require any additional hardware components to work, but it can be easily integrated with a variety of sensors. Our solution allows you to maintain your office and monitor data without the need for trackers or sensors. If you are looking for a more comprehensive smart office experience, our solution team can support you in connecting existing hardware or installing compatible equipment in your offices.

How can I build an adaptive workplace?

Data is indispensable. Our smart office platform helps you to collect data about how people use your space. This way, you can evaluate how your buildings are used and adjust floors, rooms, or areas to the needs of your employees.

How can I succeed with activity-based working and a limited office capacity?

We are a huge fan of activity-based working. Our platform allows employees to book days in the office in specific areas. If you make sure that within that area, employees can switch from phonebooths to creative rooms and focus zones, you will not lose the benefits of your activity-based working concept. You will still provide a great place to work.