PDF: Agility and innovation for a future-proof workplace

Not so long ago, the office was a necessary precondition for any work taking place. But since the corona crisis, its very existence has been questioned. What is the role of the office, now that we have seen that almost everyone can work from home? That is one of the main questions in this whitepaper. We will look at studies and arguments to set out why the office has a great future to look forward to as a social and productive hub.

Benefits of data-driven portfolio management

Create people-centric spaces

Create more appealing spaces that help you retain employees while making data-driven decisions to give them what they need to succeed.

Custom measures through our API

Integrate unique solutions into your workplace, such as access, parking, and catering.

Reduce real estate costs

Sustainably manage your office while reducing heating, electric, and administrative costs.

What is Mapiq?

Mapiq is a user-friendly workplace experience platform that helps workplace teams worldwide manage flexible working policies, improve their offices with data, and create the best workplace experience.

How can Mapiq help me to optimize my office space?

Mapiq gives you data on your office space. Which you can then use to make better choices about how you change the space. Whether you want to renovate a floor, downsize or up-scale your footprint, or simply keep employees safe during the pandemic, data can help. Learn more about the possibilities of data in our best practices guide.

How can I succeed with activity-based working and a limited office capacity?

We are a huge fan of activity-based working. Our platform allows employees to book days in the office in specific areas. If you make sure that within that area, employees can switch from phonebooths to creative rooms and focus zones, you will not lose the benefits of your activity-based working concept. You will still provide a great place to work.

Is Mapiq easy to set up?

Mapiq is always easy to set up thanks to our seamless onboarding sequence and our dedicated Customer Success agents.