Smart office technology for COVID-19

smart office technology

Back to work

Employees worldwide are waiting to return to the office. Meeting, collaborating, and complex problem solving are easier to do face-to-face. Returning to the office will give employees the feeling back of being part of a team, and build back up the work-life balance. However, organizing a safe return requires a new approach. How can smart technology make returning to the office easier?

Work-life after COVID-19

As soon as we can return to the office, organizations will have to ensure the safety of employees. Not everyone can get back at the same time and still comply with the 1.5-meter social distancing rule. Our data shows, that available desks will decrease with an average of 43%. This means that only half of the employees can be in the office. Besides the social distancing rules, going back to the office can be scary for employees. "Where can I work safely? Is this meeting room big enough? Are my team members in the office?" Keeping employees informed and making sure they are evenly spread in the office during the week is essential.

Make your office a safe place

As a specialist in the field of smart offices, we’re here to guide you. With smart technology, you’re able to support the flexible use of space and maximize utilization during but also after the Corona crisis. These 3 smart office functionalities make sure employees can return to the office step by step.

1. Calculate your new office capacity

Office shifts application
Employees need to be given the right amount of space to feel safe. Insights into your office capacity can serve as a tool to quickly gain an understanding of possibilities and limitations. It can show what the capacity in desks per floor is, taking minimal distancing into account. If you know your office capacity, you can fairly distribute when employees can come to the office. Mapiq’s Office Capacity Calculator helps to use the space as efficiently as possible. Based on the floorplan of the office and location of desks, we can calculate your maximum office capacity and show how many workplaces are safe to use. Our Office Shifts functionality then helps you to guide employees to the available space.

Helps understand your new office capacity
Shows how many workplaces can be used at the same time
Gives guidance on how to use your office as efficiently as possible  

2. Coordinate who’s in the office when and where

Office shifts application
Making sure employees can work together again in the office is essential. But how can you organize getting the right teams in the office in different post-Corona phases? With our new Office Shifts, you can guide groups of employees back to work carefully, by coordinating who should be able to come to the office when and where. After defining the new capacity per area, you can let employees align their workdays in the office. Employees get a quota and can pick a date and indicate in which area they would like to work. Scheduling days in the office in advance will speed up the search for a workplace and ensure the accepted social distance for employees. Mapiq’s Office Shifts is a web application that helps you keep a safe office capacity.

Supports employees to work flexibly with team members and gives one clear overview of who is in the office on which days
Allows you to anticipate your office capacity quickly once social distancing rules change  
Gets rid of manual lists to distribute employees and always guarantees a safe distance

3. Analyze the occupancy per floor

Office shifts application
As soon as the social distancing rules will decrease, it’s not anymore about scheduling days for employees to return to the office, but the challenge will be spreading employees evenly over the available space. In a large office with multiple floors, you need to make sure employees don’t take the elevator to the same floor. If you help them find a quiet floor to work, you can ensure the social distance. A narrowcasting solution that uses occupancy data to visualize the crowdedness per floor can help. Mapiq’s Building Occupancy Display is our special COVID-variant, that specifically indicates how occupancy levels on the floor allow for the required social distancing rules. Mapiq’s Building Occupancy Display can be placed at the entrance of the office and smoothens up the search for a quiet floor to work.

Gives real-time insights into your floor occupancy, based on a 1.5-meter social distance algorithm and sensor data  
Provides you with the right information to reopen your office safely
Helps you understand how the floors are populated during the day in your office analytics dashboard

Start organizing your return

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