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The Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being

Well-being has moved from an easily dismissed, faintly hippie notion to something that’s taken seriously across sectors. It was inevitable that the workplace would become a front in this revolution. Most people spend at least a third of their lives at work. In this research paper, we'll lay out the Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being, which we developed through research and our own experience.

Anne Wernand
by Anne Wernand

Create a peak-performing organization

Organizations have become increasingly interested in ways to make the workplace a more healthy environment, where employees’ full potential can be realized. Today, we know more than ever about what drives, supports and inspires employees. Luckily, research and technology are converging to give employers the tools they need. In this research paper, we answer the question of how employees and employers experience well-being needs and how organizations can answer them to make sure everybody has a great day at work.


  • The rise of well-being
  • Introducing our inspiration
  • The Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being
    • Concrete needs
    • Belonging needs
    • Actualization needs
  • The point of the pyramid

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The Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being
Company-actualization would be employees who feel that they are doing their dream work with a dream team in the perfect work environment

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