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Finally, a workplace solution with IT in mind

Mapiq seamlessly integrates into your existing IT infrastructure while ensuring the highest level of security. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and promote collaboration with our easy-to-implement tools.

Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Simple solutions for streamlined workdays

Don't waste time setting up and troubleshooting tools that don't meet your organization's needs. Mapiq can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, giving employees and organizational leaders the customized tools they need to transform their workday.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Instead of spending time and money developing your own solution, Mapiq's tools are easier and more cost-effective to implement. Our data analysis and custom smart suggestions help organizations reduce unnecessary expenses while increasing overall productivity and engagement.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Features that meet all your needs

If you're looking for desk booking, room management, smart scheduling, or more, Mapiq's rigorously tested tools have you covered. Integrate Mapiq with your Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 environment and access our open API for a more specialized workday experience.

Mapiq's technical benefits

Advanced privacy and security standards

Mapiq is GDPR compliant: all user data is owned by you. Our services are also accredited by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Future-proofed processes with our API

Integrate unique solutions into your workplace, such as access, parking, and catering. Our team can also create custom features based on your unique needs

Simple implementation

Our solution is user-friendly and easy to integrate. No hardware is required, and Mapiq can be fully operational in one week.

Frequently asked questions

Is Mapiq technically secure?

Mapiq works with existing authentication & SSO, and we always prioritize the technical health of your organization. Mapiq is also hosted on Microsoft Azure, to ensure complete and trusted server security. We account for privacy concerns in every stage of our development and maintain our reliable SaaS platform through regular third-party pen-testing. Reach out to us for more specifics on how we can protect your digital security.

How much does Mapiq cost?

Our pricing model differs based on your number of users. Reach out to us for an estimate.

What kind of support does Mapiq provide?

As a Mapiq customer, you will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager and an on-demand support team to assist with any troubleshooting requirements. Our Solutioning Team is also available to provide add-on, custom features based on your organizational needs.

Is Mapiq easy to set up?

Mapiq is always easy to set up thanks to our seamless onboarding sequence and our dedicated Customer Success agents.

How can I use the data Mapiq collects?

Mapiq’s smart office solution collects anonymized data from around your office and integrates it with your current systems for a comprehensive overview of information. This data is always collected with privacy regulations and policies in mind. In our analytics dashboard, you can access a holistic view of your office spaces: allowing you to make the most informed decisions for your company and employees.

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