The perfect workday begins with efficient parking

As people return to the office, the hassle of commuting can often get in the way. Start your day off right with a streamlined parking solution: everything you need for a convenient, connected workday.

Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

A user-friendly smart parking solution

Mapiq is an intuitive way to experience smarter, more connected workdays. When planning a day at the office, employees can book a parking spot—giving them confidence and peace of mind when planning their workweek.

Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Always find your perfect parking spot

Ensure a customized workday experience by providing employees with the information they need to book electric charging stations, priority spots or spaces for guests.

Manage your parking areas in the admin portal

Easily set up parking lots, connect them to any building, and create registration policies that best match your office's needs. Plus, you can arrange user-made bookings and actively adjust your parking environment.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Improve office experiences and manage capacity

Access Mapiq's data analytics to understand how your building and parking areas are used—and how they can be improved. Adjust parking availability based on capacity and user trends while reducing real estate costs and meeting employee needs.

Why choose Mapiq's parking solution?

Integrate Mapiq with your existing parking management system

Mapiq can be integrated with the leading parking providers through an open API.

Promote streamlined workdays with a single solution

Mapiq is a simple tool for a smarter workday that removes the uncertainties related to hybrid working and your day at the office.

Create cost transparency with centralized data analytics

Understand the full scope of your workplace’s capacity and costs, with clear opportunities for improvement.

Frequently asked questions

Is parking available in all plans?

Mapiq's parking solution is only available for customers with Premium and Enterprise plans.

How does Mapiq integrate the parking solution?

Mapiq’s Open API allows you to sync your existing parking systems with Mapiq to ensure your parking capacity is always up to date and to connect parking access systems already in place.

Can Mapiq help me manage access to the parking lot?

As a Mapiq customer, you'll be able to create and manage employee parking profiles. These profiles allow you to set up quotas to manage the amount of spots available every week, and the frequency at which employees can reserve them.

How can Mapiq help with the challenge of parking area scarcity and visibility?

Mapiq's Admin Portal allows you to create parking areas for various needs, such as electric charging stations, guest parking, and priority parking. Areas are limited by size; therefore, employees will be able to see how many available spots there are and reserve one.

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