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Optimize your office floor plan

Manage your office layout to save space and benefit your employees. Thanks to the Mapiq analytics system, you can track how your office is used and then make data-driven changes to your workplace.

Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Create interactive maps of your office

The Mapiq map builder makes it easy to create custom 3D models of your offices and areas. Add desks, monitor capacity, test new space management strategies, and more!

Manage your facilities

See which facilities are available and popular in real-time. With data insights generated through desk and room booking—as well as through sensors—you can understand and modify your spaces to perform better and smarter.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Connect employees to their spaces and each other

With Mapiq, employees can connect with their workspaces and have the opportunity to select a desk or room that best suits their workday. And with our Connections feature, teams can navigate to one another even amid a large or crowded office.

Real-time insights

Mapiq leverages Microsoft’s Power BI platform to offer real-time space occupancy data. Make agile decisions without having to wait for data.

Calculate your capacity

Our tools let you easure your office capacity and use your spaces as efficiently as possible.

Visualize your building occupancy

Interactive maps and analytics show exactly how your building is used. Apply this information to scale up or reduce your real estate footprint.

Frequently asked questions

How does Mapiq ensure security and privacy?

We always prioritize the technical health of your organization and the security of your people. Mapiq is built for privacy and security by design. We work with existing authentication and SSO: accounting for privacy concerns in every stage of development through ongoing vulnerability testing.

Is it easy to create a floor plan of my office in Mapiq?

Mapiq’s map builder allows you to create and edit detailed floorplans seamlessly. You don't need to be an 3d modeller or architect to configure your maps in Mapiq - update layouts in real-time using our drag-and-drop builder.

How can I use the data Mapiq collects?

Mapiq’s smart office solution collects anonymized data from around your office and integrates it with your current systems for a comprehensive overview of information. This data is always collected with privacy regulations and policies in mind. In our analytics dashboard, you can access a holistic view of your office spaces: allowing you to make the most informed decisions for your company and employees.

What is Mapiq?

Mapiq is a user-friendly workplace experience platform that helps workplace teams worldwide manage flexible working policies, improve their offices with data, and create the best workplace experience.

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