What problem do we solve and how?

What problem do we solve and how?

What problem do we solve and how?

The workforce is slowly making its way back to the office. But things look a little different today than they did last year. Mapiq can help you create a back-to-office strategy that keeps your team connected while still staying safe.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Create a future-proof work environment

In 2021, we need to give people a good reason to come to the office. That reason should be a sense of belonging and autonomy they can’t find anywhere else. Simple, smart, and social tools help your teams do their best work and feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Create a safe office
Optimize costs
Increase employee retention

Bring employees back to the office

The reasons employees will come to the office have changed. With Mapiq you can provide a customized and safe experience based on employees needs and schedules.

Mockup of Mapiq's map builder for account administrators. Draw maps, add floors, desks and areas to your buildings.
Two screenshots of Mapiq's hybrid meetings solution for the office with real-time attendance.

Embrace agility

Embrace agility and get ready for any challenge that might come your way. Support your team with tools they need to pick performance and let productivity skyrocket.

Anticipate change

With Mapiq you can always be in control of your office usage. Using our solution, you will realize which office areas are the most important, redesign rooms and reduce or increase your office space.

Two screenshots of Mapiq's hybrid meetings solution for the office showcasing meeting rooms and available equipment.

Key features

Mapiq Desk Booking provides everything an office needs to stay organized and productive. With a range of features designed to increase easy collaboration and boost productivity, you’ll always have what you need for a great day at work.

Office analytics
Mobile app
Book on behalf

Boost your business results

Smart office technologies can drive performance and growth for your business. They help with identifying key issues while making your employees feel well and productive. With Mapiq your top performers are more likely to stay at your company and you are better prepared to reduce significant office costs.

Build a connected team. See outstanding performances.
Encourage collaboration and stay safe. Even as the world changes.
Learn how people use your space. Use data to make better portfolio decisions.

Go beyond hybrid meetings

If you’re looking to streamline your organization, increase employee retention, and optimize your office space, then you’ll need more than just a hybrid meetings feature. With the Mapiq desktop and mobile app, you have everything you need to boost collaboration and manage your space while staying one step ahead of workplace trends. And with Mapiq’s data and analytics feature, you can always analyze and improve your workplace.

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