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Mapiq workplace sensor

The workplace sensor is a sensor Mapiq has developed in-house, based on a capacitive sensing technology. The sensor is placed underneath a desk and provides accurate and real-time insights into workplace availability. On top of this, the on-board iBeacon transmitter can be used to locate you or your colleagues.

Mapiq workplace sensor
The need of a lot of employees: insight in available desks

Workplace sensor

Finding an available workplace. Its a part of the daily routine for people who work in an activity-based office concept. Having accurate insight into the number of available desks, and where the'yre located is crucial for most employees to have a pleasant and streamlined day. Simultaneously, employers want to have insight in the occupancy of their provided workplaces. Monitoring workplaces at an individual level can reveal deeper insights about the needs and wants of the workforce.

Employers want to have insight in the occupancy workplaces

What’s in it for you?

Dissatisfied with what the market offered in terms of sensors we set off to develop of our own workplace specific sensor from the ground up. It’s quite unusual for a committed software company to start develop hardware, but in our case, a natural development.

So, what makes the sensor unique? The Mapiq sensor detects the presence of people at their desk and provides users with direct visual feedback. Capacitive technology senses under, but also through the desk with high precision. This quality is particularly useful for office spaces with standing desks. Collected data is sent to and processed by the Mapiq platform which provides the user with a realtime view of the workspace in an interactive 3D map.

Benefits of our sensor:

  • Employees have realtime insight in availability of workplaces on their smartphone, laptop and in ‘real-life’ when walking through the office.

  • Employees are empowered to share workplaces through the release button.

  • Employers have insight in workplace occupancy, down to individual level.

  • Mapiq provides deeper insights into how your office is being used and what works.

The Mapiq sensor detects the presence of people at the office
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