Square feet per employee

Square feet (Sqft) per employee, what is it?

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Square feet per employee is a measurement used to determine the amount of office space allocated to an individual employee within a workplace. This metric provides an average measure of the space allotted to each employee within the office environment.

How do your calculate the square feet per employee?

To calculate square feet per employee, divide the total office space per total number of employees occupying the space.

Recommended Sqft office space per employee

Space planning and management is no longer one-size-fits-all, if it ever was. As a starting point, aiming for 122 to 225 sq. ft. per person is a good range to follow. The optimal range will fluctuate over time, depending on things like the preferred working style of individual teams. Conference rooms require anywhere from 10 to 30 sq. ft. per employee, depending on their intended use.

Why is measuring the square feet per employee important?

It helps organizations assess and plan office layouts, optimize space utilization, and evaluate whether the available space meets the needs of the workforce. Different industries or types of work environments may have varying square footage per employee based on factors like job roles, collaboration needs, and office layout preferences.

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Workplace analytics
Desk-sharing ratio

The desk-sharing ratio refers to the ratio or relationship between the number of employees and the available desks or workstations within a workspace.

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