Peak occupancy

What is peak occupancy?

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Knowing the busiest days and times in your space is important. You can track this by looking at peak occupancy for the whole building or specific areas within it. Understanding when your space is busiest and when it's not can help you make necessary changes that accommodate employee needs.

Using peak occupancy data to understand space utilization

If a particular area in your office is often crowded, you can adjust resource allocation to make it less busy. For instance, if you notice that quiet rooms are in high demand, you can create more of them. Sometimes, demand may exceed supply during certain days of the week. To prevent this, you can schedule each team to come in on designated days or use Mapiq to easily see when the resources they need are available.

To better understand how your office space is being used, it is helpful to also monitor peak utilization and peak frequency. Peak frequency is a measure of how often a particular space reaches its maximum utilization within a given period of time. This allows you to identify patterns of occupancy and determine when your office is busiest.

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Average utilization rate

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Badge data

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Workplace analytics
Desk-sharing ratio

The desk-sharing ratio refers to the ratio or relationship between the number of employees and the available desks or workstations within a workspace.

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