Average utilization rate

What does the average utilization rate mean?

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The average office utilization rate reflects how much time employees spend in the measured space. A higher average utilization implies greater value derived from that particular area.

How to measure the average utilization rate of your office spaces

To calculate the average office space utilization, divide the total number of employees using the space by the office's capacity and then average this value over the specified time frame.

For instance, if you aim to identify the day of the week when your office sees the highest utilization rate, assess each weekday separately. Calculate the utilization rate per hour for each day and then average these rates across the entire workday.

Why should you measure the average utilization rate?

Knowing the average utilization rate of your spaces enables you to determine the average utilization for each day and identify the days characterized by the highest activity levels.

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The desk-sharing ratio refers to the ratio or relationship between the number of employees and the available desks or workstations within a workspace.

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