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As a world leader in the transition to zero-carbon, ENGIE is always seeking ways to decrease their ecological footprint. In their drive for sustainability, ENGIE understands the profound impact of the way they use their buildings is a critical success factor. Next to that, ENGIE aims to create workplaces that put well-being at the forefront. We are proud to guide them in their journey towards building the smartest and most sustainable offices possible.

Mapiq helps ENGIE build the smartest and most sustainable offices imaginable.
Increase in meeting room usage
Increase in work desk usage
Significant decreased effort in finding an ad-hoc meeting room
750 hours
Estimated hours saved


ENGIE understands that the footprint of their buildings can only be exceptional if the employees in those buildings show sustainable behavior. You can have the smartest buildings in the world but if your employees do not know how to use their smart functionalities, those buildings will never accomplish their aim of being sustainable. ENGIE choose Mapiq as a partner in this journey, thanks to our shared mission in making employees feel supported and well at work.

With a strong focus on the human success factor, we quickly established an overall goal for our partnership: helping employees use and share their office space as optimally as possible.

We determined the following objectives for the project:

  • Decreasing the time and effort it takes to find a suitable space for ad hoc meetings
  • Simplifying the process of booking meeting rooms
  • Making it easier to find workspaces.

The Mapiq solution

When we started the partnership, we found that 65% of the ENGIE employees were using a fixed desk. On average, more than three out of ten people needed to find a productive space to work every single day.

Moreover, employee feedback revealed that most employees experienced friction in finding available workplaces and finding a place for ad-hoc meetings. We found that the employee frustration was mainly driven by a lack of insight, ambiguity about available places, and limited willingness for sharing in harmony.

By placing bGrid sensors throughout the building we were able to build a digital 3D twin of the 7021 m² building.

Mapiq helps employees find available workplaces in an interactive 3D map of the office building.

The integration with our platform enables all employees to see which of the hot desks are available to them in real-time. Employees can find and book spaces, via an app or browser, for ad-hoc meetings at any given time.

In addition to this, all data is visualized in the analytics dashboard to provide instant information about office occupancy, peak hours, and popular workspaces. These accurate insights enable ENGIE management to make decisions that can further improve efficiency at the workspace.

The graphical presentation of building utilization also enables management to make better decisions about their real estate portfolio and operational requirements.

Together with ENGIE, Mapiq integrated meeting room and workplace finding solutions.

“Looking forward, we visualize our offices to be even more collaborative and autonomous workspaces, with plenty of room for social activities.”

Simone van Tongeren
Teamlead new business factory at ENGIE‍

“Looking forward, we visualize our offices to be even more collaborative and autonomous workspaces, with plenty of room for social activities.”

Simone van Tongeren
Teamlead new business factory at ENGIE‍

Next steps

Mapiq and ENGIE keep working together to create future-proof workplaces. To gain access to employee insights and current trends, ENGIE also works closely together with Leesman to gain detailed insights on the impact of the changes in the workplace.

Our impact

The implementation of Mapiq has resulted in the following effective outcomes for ENGIE:

  • A higher employee satisfaction of the building.
  • An increase in the number of job applicants.
  • A 36% increase in usage of meeting rooms.
  • A 30% increase in usage of work desks.
  • A 39% decrease in the effort of finding an ad-hoc meeting room, with a reliability factor of more than 99%.
  • A 100% adoption of the Mapiq solution.
Bas Schellekens
Sales Executive
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