Promote sustainability

A more sustainable future driven by smart data

Oversee your facilities by tracking office usage to meet sustainability goals, reduce waste, and decrease energy expenses. For instance, close or open spaces based on capacity insights to reduce costs and maintain a green office.

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Your path to sustainability


Collect occupancy and usage data

Discover how employees use your building's desks, rooms, areas, and equipment.


Monitor your utilities

Connect Mapiq with your facility management ecosystem to gain centralized control over catering, temperature, heating, and more.


Reduce costs

Smart decisions aren't always obvious. Mapiq provides you with suggestions based on real-time data that can reduce a variety of costs.

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Get the most out of your space

There are many opportunities to reduce the costs and footprint of an office, as long as you're able to control your environment seamlessly.

Usage optimization

With Mapiq, understand how your buildings, floors, and spaces are used. Over time, you can use these insights to adapt your floor plan and maximize your space by replacing unpopular areas with what your employees are looking for.

Occupancy management

Improve your hybrid workspaces by understanding who's working remotely and who's in the office. Analyze these trends and give workers the autonomy to work how and where they like while keeping track of occupancy.

Parking capabilities

Easily set up parking lots, connect them to any building, and create registration policies that match your office's needs. For instance, facilitate charging station access for electric cars.

Carbon footprint

A sustainable approach to office wastes, utilities, and carbon footprint

There are many opportunities to reduce the costs and footprint of an office, as long as you're able to control your environment seamlessly.

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Connect your tools together

With Mapiq's open API, you can connect your access management, climate control, catering software, and more. This unity is the key to a sustainable office day.

Control your workspaces

A centralized admin dashboard allows you to manage access, permissions, office days, and area availability. This way, you're always able to optimize your office.

Manage multiple buildings

With one tool, you can oversee multiple facilities across the globe: from office buildings to private company parking lots.

Happy professionals using Mapiq app
Reduce costs

Centralized data and insights to reduce costs

Know exactly how many people you can expect to be in the office through a clear and transparent administration interface and gather extra data from other tools via our open API.

Live dashboards

If you have multiple offices or real estate holdings, you can easily track their usage, monitor their performance, and make adjustments through a single dashboard.

Smart insights

Foster a connected and collaborative work culture by gathering insights into employee behavior patterns to understand how they interact with their facilities.

Long-term scenarios

Mapiq's experts help you analyze office data to make long-term decisions that positively impact your facility management strategy.


Integrate with your existing IT ecosystem

Thanks to our powerful API, Mapiq can be seamlessly connected to the hardwares and softwares you are already using. Unite every aspect of your workspace for a more streamlined workday.

Trusted by companies leading in sustainability

We envision our offices as highly collaborative and autonomous workspaces with ample room for social activities, Mapiq makes it easy to realize this.
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Increase in meeting room usage. In our work with ENGIE, Mapiq increased meeting room use and promoted a smarter style of working. By creating spaces that accommodated hybrid meetings, employees could have a more fulfilling workday.