Real estate optimization

Optimize your real estate with custom analytics

87% of executives expect to change their real estate strategy over the next year. At Mapiq, our experience, combined with data analytics, helps us keenly understand how organizations can improve their initiatives to create a better, more effective workplace.

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How can Mapiq evolve your real estate strategy?


Consult the experts

Through a combination of technology and expertise, Mapiq can help you understand your spaces, assess office usage, and access tailored solutions for specific problems.


Collect unique data

With data gathered directly from your workspaces––and presented in easy-to-understand dashboards––you can easily measure the success of your real-estate initiatives.


Reduce costs

Managing a workplace is a continuous process and the costs can add up. Reduce expenses globally across multiple buildings by analyzing data and understanding worker experiences

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Expert insights

We support your goals with our knowledge and guidance

After being in the market since 2015 and adapting our solution post-pandemic, Mapiq has the experience and expertise to help you create future-proofed strategies

Dedicated support

Our dedicated Customer Success managers are available to help you integrate new tools, understand your workspaces, and consult you on all aspects of your strategy.

Third-party solutions

With our Open API and sensor compatibility, you can create a solution that works alongside other pieces of technology to create the kind of infrastructure your organization needs.

A range of partners

Thanks to our position in the market, Mapiq has a large network of partners available to help you expand the capabilities of your solution and create even more optimizations.

Detailed analytics

Data-driven facility improvements with custom analytics

Take the guesswork out of your real estate strategy. Justify and support your decisions with detailed data that can help you understand every aspect of your workplace at a glance.

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Apply your data

With detailed analytics, make decisions that can help reduce energy costs and consolidate offices, all while viewing trends that'll help you prepare for future initiatives.

Capacity management

Track of demand and capacity to make the best decisions for your workspace. Efficiently manage multiple buildings and close entire floors or areas at the click of a button.

Smart suggestions

No more guesswork: our AI-driven smart suggestions automatically evaluate your organization's data and create responsive suggestions tailored to your unique goals.

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Meet your goals

Achieve a cost-effective, sustainable workplace

Whether you're looking to manage costs, increase green initiatives, or improve hybrid working experiences, Mapiq has a range of features suitable to any strategy you may have planned.

Meet sustainability goals

Easy-to-read energy and sustainability analytics dashboards let you assess projects at a glance. Plus, Mapiq offers built-in certification standards to help you navigate your own green journey.

Continuously reduce costs

We know that as your business evolves, so will your real-estate goals. Easily run cost analysis reports for your projects: always understand how you're performing and what can still be optimized.

Track your initiatives

The workplace is an ongoing project, with designers, facility managers, IT, and HR all coming together to make it work. Align all aspects of your company by tracking long-term team initiatives and editing them as needed.


Integrate with your existing IT ecosystem

Thanks to our powerful API, Mapiq can be seamlessly connected to the hardwares and softwares you are already using. Unite every aspect of your workspace for a more streamlined workday.

Trusted by companies leading in sustainability

It is exciting to see how smart technology is truly a valuable tool in helping us to achieve our goal of creating better buildings.
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Erik Ubels
Chief Technology Officer

11,107 m²

of digitally managed space. To attract and retain new employees, EDGE Olympic wanted to create a flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective workspace. Mapiq stepped in and created an easy-to-manage environment driven by smart technology.