Workplace analytics

A smarter way to manage your workspaces

Hybrid working has changed the office forever, and organizations are adapting to keep up with the changing times. The office is always evolving–with new technologies, attitudes, and employee preferences–and companies need agile, future-proof initiatives.

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Workplaces are changing. How can you react?


Anticipate the events of your day

Workplace management is no longer just about planning out spaces, booking desks, and organizing meeting rooms. Organizations need to predict and react to the daily occurrences that affect workdays.


Respond to your team's needs

In the era of hybrid work, bringing people together has become more difficult than ever. Give your people the opportunity to seamlessly connect and collaborate in the workplace.


Make data-driven decisions

The workplace has become more complicated and companies need more intricate tools to keep up. You can easily make more confident, assured adjustments to your spaces by collecting and utilizing data.

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Stay spontaneous

Support spontaneity in the office

While it may have been easier to manage spaces when everyone was based in the office, the rise of remote working has made agile, impromptu workplace management especially crucial.

Ad-hoc meeting readiness

Ensure your workspace has rooms equipped for any kind of meeting: big, small, hybrid, or remote. By understanding the resources teams need, you can better accommodate and manage these spaces.

Easy-to-use app & analytics

Mapiq is user-friendly for both employees and administrators. Access all the information about your building and users in a simply, visually-driven analytics dashboard.

Quick implementation

At Mapiq, we know what a hassle a long onboarding process can be, especially when you want to start seeing results ASAP. Luckily, our solution can be up-and-running in one week.

Employee needs

Create spaces that employees will actually use

With more employees working from home, it can be daunting to optimize and manage a workplace that will attract people back to the office. But with the right tools, you can create an environment that motivates in-person collaboration.

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Mapiq is more than just a desk booking tool

With lower attendance rates and decreased demand, most desk booking tools have become obsolete. Instead, Mapiq focuses on helping people manage their entire workday, not just where they're sitting.

Remote and in-person collaboration

Workers need tools that correspond to how they work – and for many, that means a reliance on hybrid meetings. Give your team the necessary resources to collaborate in both fully-equipped meeting rooms and the comfort of their own homes.

Customized features with our Open API

With our Open API, you can introduce a range of integrations–from parking to catering–that best match your spaces and your people's unique needs.

Happy professionals using Mapiq app

Data-driven workplace management

The workplace is always evolving, and managers need the data to support those constant changes. With Mapiq, you can always access custom analytics that track your unique initiatives.

Access data-driven smart suggestions

With smart suggestions, your data is transformed into easy-to-understand recommendations that can help you decide how to best manage your workspaces.

Easily asses and optimize your spaces

Track how your office is used to understand what areas are most popular and why. Use that information to optimize the rest of your workplace so that no space is wasted.

Reduce costs and improve sustainability

By evaluating when and how workers use the office, you can make smart, sustainable decisions when organizing your facilities: lower lighting, heating, and other space-related expenses.


Integrate with your existing IT ecosystem

Thanks to our powerful API, Mapiq can be seamlessly connected to the hardwares and softwares you are already using. Unite every aspect of your workspace for a more streamlined workday.

Trusted by companies leading in sustainability

One of the reasons we chose Mapiq was their user-friendly and well-designed product for both management and employees.
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Felix van Katwijk
Manager Corporate Real Estate


Desks for 2850 employees. In our work with Deloitte, Mapiq used data to create a high-tech office building that empowered employees through a simple, accessible product. And by monitoring how employees used their spaces and then making the necessary adjustments, Deloitte was able to fully optimize their entire building.