Hybrid working

Take your hybrid working strategy to the next level

Hybrid working has become the norm, but most organizations fail to harness it to optimize and improve their workspaces. At Mapiq, we know what it takes to create an efficient, connected, hybrid workplace.

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Hybrid working in 3 steps


Adjust your various facilities

Set up your spaces to accommodate hybrid workdays, and make continuous, data-driven improvements.


Evaluate employee collaboration

Watch as employees experience the effects of enhanced collaboration that result from using Mapiq.


See the benefits of hybrid working

Reap the benefits of happier employees, a strong company culture, and collaboration in and out of the office.

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Reunite teams

Support the way your people want to work

Create an office worth the commute: make sure employees feel supported in whichever workplace they choose.

Manage scheduling

Integrate your work calendar to see all your meetings and planned connections in one place.

Maintain flexible spaces

Create team-centric areas and help colleagues connect in the office on certain days with one click.

Know who's in the office

Plan your day around collaboration: stay up-to-date on when your colleagues will be in the office.

Heightened collaboration

Equip your employees for hybrid collaboration

Always stay informed on who's in the office, who's working from home, and when you can collaborate with them.

Happy professionals using Mapiq app

Engage in hybrid meetings

Always know who's joining a meeting, from where, and what kind of room or equipment you need. Mapiq figures this all out for you.

Create team-centric spaces

Ensure your office has the spaces people need to collaborate. View which areas are used most and make agile changes that reflect employee behaviors.

Stay close to your team

Book desks and workspaces that align with where your team is sitting for convenient access to your favorite colleagues.

Happy professionals using Mapiq app
Strong culture

Build an empowering company culture

Without ties to a physical workplace, employees may feel disconnected from their team and organization. But the kind of spontaneous connection you can only get at the office can make or break a great workday.

React to employee needs

Mapiq helps you listen and respond to your employees. Understand how your people use the office and make smart changes that reflect their actual needs.

Impromptu hybrid meetings

With smart suggestions, coffee chats and meet-ups are planned for you: finding time for a quick chat is never a hassle.

Promote well-being

Fulfill effective well-being initiatives by responding to employee needs and giving workers the tools they need to seamlessly connect with their workplace.


Integrate with your existing IT ecosystem

Thanks to our powerful API, Mapiq can be seamlessly connected to the hardwares and softwares you are already using. Unite every aspect of your workspace for a more streamlined workday.

Trusted by companies leading in sustainability

We envision our offices as highly collaborative and autonomous workspaces with ample room for social activities, Mapiq makes it easy to realize this.
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Increase in meeting room usage. In our work with ENGIE, Mapiq increased meeting room use and promoted a smarter style of working. By creating spaces that accommodated hybrid meetings, employees could have a more fulfilling workday.