Transforming your office into a smart office: 5 tips

Transforming your office comes with many challenges and opportunities. These 5 tips help you make your envisioned office transformation a successful reality.

Are you looking to transform your existing office into a space that will excite your employees, improve well-being, and help them collaborate more effectively? We have 5 tips.

1. Rethink what’s possible

If your office is in an old building, you may feel that it is too old to be transformed into an inspiring smart office where your employees feel happy to work in. But when you research office transformations online, you will quickly find that there are plenty of companies that transformed grey and old-fashioned workplaces into colorful, inspiring smart offices.

2. Involve everyone early

If there is anything you take from this article, let it be this: the sooner you bring on board all parties that will work on the transformation of your office, the better results you will gain from it. Why? By doing so, you can prevent situations where software providers have to work with installed hardware that is not installed with the right end goal in mind. For example, if sensors are being placed to control the light, you want to make sure the same sensors are positioned for your goals related to monitoring meeting room occupancy. When you manage to get all parties on board before implementation, you will prevent unnecessary challenges later on.

3. Assign a transition manager

When it comes to transforming the office where all your employees work, there is no such thing as “winging it”. Your office transition is a process that involves many different steps from many internal and external collaborators. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear planning that shows who will be doing what and when it will be done. To successfully manage the planning, it is highly recommendable to appoint a transition manager, who has end-to-end responsibility for the transition. The transition manager has to make sure everyone lives up to their part in the process and follow up on each step of the planning to ensure that things are progressing. This is the only way to prevent unnecessary delays.

4. Start lean and prepare for growth

It may be tempting to settle for nothing less but the most effective, pleasant, and green building you can think of. But try to keep in mind that many smart offices in the world have become big by starting small and upscaling when measurable success was accomplished. For example, our partner PWC has started using our software in one location in Rotterdam and has now successfully implemented it in 16 offices in the Benelux.  

5. Always keep your employees in mind

Inspiring smart offices are not created overnight. They are a result of an approach that puts the employee and their needs at the center. You may think you know what your employees want but it is best to research what they really need. Focus groups, interviews, and surveys are a great way to gather this information. Whatever the outcome of your research is, always aim to not only support productivity but to create a place that workers are proud of, and that spark a greater sense of belonging among your employees.

How to create an optimized office

Understanding the implementation process before you begin is an essential step in your journey. It will help you get better results from the project in the long run. In our guide you'll find out how you create your own smart office in 8 steps.

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