5 ideas to get the most out of your workplace this summer with Mapiq

With summer here, many workplaces experience quieter days and lower occupancy. To make the most of your space and keep employees engaged, explore the functionalities of Mapiq.

During the summer months, offices tend to be quieter for many organizations. However, this can be an excellent opportunity for workplace teams to make changes. Consider implementing an office refit, scheduling maintenance, redesigning your spaces, and organizing fun summer events. Don't let this time go to waste; use it to improve your workplace.

Here's how to make the most out of Mapiq's features during the summer:

1. Schedule temporary closures

Are you planning an office refit or want to give your workplace a 'summer break'?

Mapiq allows you to plan additional closed days for specific buildings, floors, or areas. This helps ensure that your employees are aware of any office/floor closures during a given period.

If employees have made plans to visit the office and booked a workspace during that time, Mapiq will cancel their reservations and inform them.

2. Bring life back to your spaces

Even outside of summer, Mondays and Fridays can sometimes feel deserted. Besides being neither efficient nor sustainable, a sparsely populated workplace can feel empty and unwelcoming, lacking the energy and excitement of a busy environment. 

To effectively manage occupancy during these days and bring life back to your spaces, workplace location profiles are helpful tools.

Create a location profile called "Summer 2023" and select the floors/areas that receive the most daily attendance in summer from the Analytics dashboard. Remove any unoccupied floors that you'd like to keep out during this period. Assign your users or departments to the correct location profiles and save changes.

When employees schedule their workday and need to reserve a workspace, the app will guide them to the appropriate section of the building based on the latest location profiles.

This strategy will also make the office feel vibrant and busy on low attendance days.

3. Encourage employees to coordinate workdays

Ensuring coordination and knowing who is present at the office is crucial for hybrid work. However, during the calm summer days, aligning becomes even more imperative. As several coworkers are on vacation, employees need to know the office's liveliness level and if commuting is worthwhile. 

Use Mapiq to inform your coworkers whether you will work remotely or from the office. If you are searching for a coworker whom you last met a while ago, filter your connections to locate them.

4. Invite your coworkers to collaborate in person

In addition to the regular workday synchronization, employees have the option to invite their colleagues for a group booking and collaborate in person. This is particularly enjoyable during the summer season when there hasn't been much face-to-face interaction. 

Mapiq will suggest the most suitable workspaces for the whole group.

Moreover, everyone will receive an in-app and email notification to ensure that nobody misses out on the event.

5. Fridays are for beach days  

Summer hours are well-known among workplaces and employee engagement programs.

If you would like to offer your employees some time off on Fridays, such as a free afternoon or the whole day off during the summer months, you can easily make this adjustment in your Admin Portal. 

Simply go to the Workspace quota profile and uncheck Fridays. Be sure to save your changes so employees will no longer see Friday as an available option when booking a workspace.

Please note that you should schedule an additional closed day if you need to close your office officially. 

Contact us and learn how Mapiq can help transform your workplace.

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