4 ways workplace technology will make your company more eco-friendly

Greg Schneider looks at 4 ways you can create a thriving sustainable, eco-friendly office with workplace technology.

The efficient use of your office space is not only good for your bottom line, but it can also benefit the planet. In this article, we’ll share 4 ways that workplace technology can help reduce your environmental impact and showcase how good business is good for business.

1. Reducing your footprint

Walk into any traditional office with assigned seating and you are bound to see big sections with very few occupied seats. This inefficient use of space represents wasted resources. Every unused workstation required natural materials and energy to produce. So by simply setting up fewer work stations you are already doing your part for the environment and saving on the capital cost of setting up an office.

2. Ongoing energy savings

Every office will need to be either heated or cooled throughout the year. The larger the area the more energy is required. This is made even more wasteful when you consider that much of their energy is used to climate control empty areas. So by reducing the amount of space needed you will, in turn, be reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Maximizing on the day in the office

Having all employees commute into the office each day has its environmental impact. Improving the ease with which collaboration can happen will have a net positive impact on the planet. Improvements include making coordinating when to be in the office easier will reduce the number of visitors to the office employees need to make. Another option is to better support the new hybrid meeting, i.e. where some employees are in the room and others are at home to avoid all attendees having to come in for the day. If employers can ensure their employees get the most out of their day in the office they can reduce the number of visitors a week and in turn have a net positive impact on the planet.

4. The smart building

The gold standard for sustainability is to have your smart building adjust in real-time based on data collected within the building. Whether that be temperature, air quality, or occupancy having your office adjust lights, temperatures, and blinds based on utilization will reduce waste and benefit the planet.

Looking for a little inspiration? Watch the below review by Bloomberg on Deloitte’s The Edge building. Still, a leader in sustainability and a project Mapiq was proud to be instrumental in rolling out.

Bonus: winning the war for talent

While not a positive impact on the planet more environmentally aware credentials will make your company more attractive to a workforce who is becoming more concerned about our impact on the planet. Especially in competitive labor markets being able to differentiate yourself as an employer will help you win the war for talent.

Are you ready to make an impact with your office? Our team of workplace experience advisors are happy to help your organization get ready for the future of work.

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