3 ways to create an attractive workplace for your employees

Creating an attractive workplace begins with a safe culture, team alignment and a dynamic design, find out more.

The pandemic turned office life upside down. Even though most of us will continue to work remotely in the coming months, we know for sure that offices won't be the same when we go back again. Enhanced safety guidelines, reduced office capacity, and dynamic office layouts are some of the workplace characteristics for making work-life safer, more enjoyable, and productive. However, the question will remain the same: how can we spark employee excitement about coming the office?

1. Start by initiating a safe culture

Having your safety guidelines updated and in place is necessary before welcoming employees back to the office. However, your employees need to follow the new office guidelines. One way to make this happen is to regularly communicate to your employees the importance of your safety rules via webinars and emails. Next to that, having the C-suite support will significantly improve the adoption of the new workplace regulations. With everyone onboard regarding safety issues, a safe culture will follow.  

With our office capacity calculator, you can calculate a maximum office capacity and determine how many employees can come to the office. In addition to that, using our occupancy analytics, you can avoid crowdedness by finding out your office's busiest hours and areas.

2. Focus on team alignment  

Working from home can make employees lose track of their team goals. This has resulted in reduced productivity during the last months. According to SAP, only 7% of employees fully understand the expected contribution of their side. When employees come together in the workplace, collaboration on projects is more effective. However, as we will continue to work from home some days after the pandemic is over, the workplace should connect remote and office employees. To do that, equipping your workplace with all the necessary tech facilities and digital tools is essential .

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3. Increase productivity with a dynamic workplace

As teams are getting used to working from home, the reasons to go back to the office will be different. Employees need more than just a place to work. They want to socialize, brainstorm, and feel a sense of community in the workplace. As a result, designing an office based on your employees' ever-changing needs can potentially increase productivity. Focus booths, huddle rooms to escape the noise, and coffee corners can better support collaboration, focused work, and creativity.

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