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In a year’s time, the office changed from a daily home base for employees to a flexible workspace. Employees now spend less time in the office than ever before. Businesses have to rethink the workplace and work life. Organizations that incorporate smart technology in the workplace can make data-driven decisions about optimizing space, get insights into the office capacity, and gain transparency for employees.

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Floris Vroemen
Head of Sales at Mapiq

Boost the office experience

The role of the office has changed. Has your space changed with it? Smart solutions help you anticipate changing employee needs and keep you one step ahead. So you can build the best office experience possible.

Reopen your office

Bring people back together. Let employees book time in their preferred workspace. They’ll stay safe, feel comfortable, and are more productive.

Keep employees safe
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Keep employees safe
Show available workspaces

Ad-hoc meetings? No problem. Smart office technology gives employees real-time occupancy insights. So they can jump straight into a meeting and let their creativity fly.

Share occupancy insights
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Give freedom of choice

Let employees take charge of their workday. Flexible solutions and an easy booking system means your team feels autonomous and empowered to work where they work best.

Support flexiblity
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Anticipate employee needs

Smart offices collect data—which helps you learn more about how the space is used. When you have information about how employees use the office, you can make better choices about changing the space.

Learn how people
use the office

Understand, share, and act on employee behavior with your data analytics dashboard—a powerful tool that gives you workplace insights.

Gain workplace insights
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Build the workplace
of the future

Be prepared for future generations. Mapiq lets you discover trends and proactively change the space to meet the needs of tomorrow’s employees.

Make data-driven decisions
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Smart offices have a lot of benefits

Improved employee satisfaction

Among highly satisfied employees, 98% work in a company that lets them move around the office throughout the day.

Higher productivity

Employees who work in flexible workplaces say their productivity has improved by 59%.

Wouter van Hofwegen, sales executive
Wouter van Hofwegen
Sales Executive
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