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Thanks for downloading our PDF “Well-being essentials for the workplace". We hope you find the content insightful. Want to explore how our to implement such solution in your organization? Get in touch with our experts.

Mapiq's technical benefits

Promote well-being

Fulfill effective well-being initiatives by responding to employee needs and giving workers the tools they need to seamlessly connect with their workplace.

Create people-centric spaces

Create more appealing spaces that help you retain employees while making data-driven decisions to give them what they need to succeed.

Remote and in-person collaboration

Workers need tools that correspond to how they work – and for many, that means a reliance on hybrid meetings. Give your team the necessary resources to collaborate in both fully-equipped meeting rooms and the comfort of their own homes.

How much does Mapiq cost?

Our pricing model differs based on your number of users. Reach out to us for an estimate.

How does Mapiq adapt to changes in the workplace?

We believe in flexibility and agility. And we practice what we preach. Every day we work together to build simple, smart, and social tools that fit the needs of tomorrow’s employees through research and testing.

What kind of support does Mapiq provide?

As a Mapiq customer, you will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager and an on-demand support team to assist with any troubleshooting requirements. Our Solutioning Team is also available to provide add-on, custom features based on your organizational needs.

Is Mapiq easy to set up?

Mapiq is always easy to set up thanks to our seamless onboarding sequence and our dedicated Customer Success agents.