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Benefits of data-driven portfolio management

How can I make sure employees don’t come to the office on the same days?

Our profiles are the answer. You can set up the number of days employees can come to the office and the available days per week. For example, you can choose to let profile A book shifts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and profile B on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This helps you to evenly spread employees over the available time and space.

How can I succeed with activity-based working and a limited office capacity?

We are a huge fan of activity-based working. Our platform allows employees to book days in the office in specific areas. If you make sure that within that area, employees can switch from phonebooths to creative rooms and focus zones, you will not lose the benefits of your activity-based working concept. You will still provide a great place to work.

Is Mapiq easy to set up?

Mapiq is always easy to set up thanks to our seamless onboarding sequence and our dedicated Customer Success agents.

Do I need sensor technology to start with Mapiq?

Mapiq doesn't require any additional hardware components to work, but it can be easily integrated with a variety of sensors. Our solution allows you to maintain your office and monitor data without the need for trackers or sensors. If you are looking for a more comprehensive smart office experience, our solution team can support you in connecting existing hardware or installing compatible equipment in your offices.