Nov 29, 2018 in Product

What’s new with Mapiq?

We like to keep things fresh. Business needs and smart technology are constantly evolving. So do we. Sometimes they’re minor upgrades, and other times we introduce entirely new products, but they’re always user-centric. Check here every month for new highlights.

Anne Wernand
by Anne Wernand

What's new with Mapiq?

New in November:

  • Geo-fencing
  • Exchange Flex
  • Bits and bytes
  • Stay tuned for suggestion-based room booking 

...basically updates with really cool names.



Ever wonder whether or not Frank is actually coming to the office? Mapiq Now uses advanced geo-fencing technology to determine if a user is in a building or not, but only if they opt-in.

How it works:

A smartphone can determine your location using cellular networks, WiFi networks and GPS sensors. When a user logs in and gives permission to Mapiq Now, the app creates a virtual boundary—the geo-fence—around the office. The smartphone uses the location data to tell Mapiq Now when a user enters or exits this virtual boundary. With this information, Mapiq Now can report whether or not a user is at the office.

Exchange Flex

At Mapiq, we like to explore and experiment to discover more efficient integrations. That’s why we integrated with Microsoft Graph instead of directly with the Microsoft Exchange web server. While the effect of this is mainly in the back-end, it has a positive effect for our clients in the long run.

Microsoft Graph is the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. This integration opens up data communication channels and makes Mapiq more adaptable to changes. When a client switches booking systems, for example, Mapiq can now talk to the Microsoft Graph in the same way it did with the previous system. Microsoft Graph can then be used to build experiences around the user’s unique context to help them become more productive.

Bits and Bytes

We’ve updated our app insights. This means we’ll have more information on how the app is being used, and where we need to put our energy to improve your workday.

Stay tuned for suggestion-based room booking

Stay tuned for suggestion-based room booking. In December we are focusing a whole lot on room booking: a hot item on the agenda of many companies. Despite the availability of high-tech digital solutions, personal meetings are still favoured by most employees. But sometimes it’s challenging to find an ideal meeting room. Wouldn’t it be great if you are given an automatic suggestion(s) for another space if your favourite room is occupied? Instead of having to search yourself, Mapiq can soon offer the best choices based on your preferences and availability.

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