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Say hello to our refreshed look

As designers, we like to think our job is not only about applying the ‘layer of paint’ to a product, but also about creating functional improvements (that just happen to look good…). However, we can’t deny that sometimes a fresh layer of paint does a lot. Which is exactly the case for the refreshed look of Mapiq that we’re launching this month.

In the last couple of months, the design team has been pushing a lot of pixels to make the new look a reality.
In the last couple of months, the design team has been pushing a lot of pixels to make the new look a reality.

A newfound focus on the end-user

Mapiq made quite the journey over the last couple of years. We introduced new products, embraced advanced technologies, added more integrations, and helped more people in their daily office life by launching at lots of new customers. What’s more, is, we evolved as a company as well. Over the years our vision developed, which means that our brand needed to keep up and reflect the values upon which we build our product today.

While we were chipping away on new features, we got the feeling that we couldn’t give our users the experience that we envisioned. The office can be a complex and overwhelming environment for employees. It’s key to reduce the complexity while still maintaining the transparency of all the information surrounding the office. Our focus is to give employees ‘a great day at work’ and to make a positive impact on the daily office life with our products. Even though this is largely a question of functionality, the look & feel also makes a difference. That’s why it was time to start to imagine a new coherent look for our products.

In the last couple of months, the design team has been pushing a lot of pixels to make the new look a reality. For regular visitors to our website, the new Mapiq might look familiar. After thoroughly testing the update internally, we can’t wait to introduce you to the refreshed look.

Increased clarity and an easy to use interface

At first sight, you’ll notice more whitespace and more purposeful use of color. We strived to create a look that’s bright and transparent, which makes it possible to convey lots of data and information while still maintaining a friendly character.

We used more whitespace and purposeful use of color.

The complexity of the interface is further reduced by adjustments in the typography. It’s now easier to scan the text and find what you’re looking for more quickly. An interface with less complexity shouldn’t become boring, which is why we took extra care to maintain a sense of elegance. A new icon set, custom made for the office context, include subtle details that complement the typography. The 3D map wasn’t left behind and also received a facelift.

A consistent look and feel between our different products was something we could definitely improve. Consistency not only increases recognizability, but it also makes interfaces easier to use. That’s why we took the opportunity to implement the refreshed look across all of our products. The result is a more coherent experience. Whether you use Mapiq on a kiosk screen at the entrance, on your phone while roaming around the office, or behind your laptop at your desk, it all looks and works similarly now. Don’t worry about getting lost though — all of your favorite features are still in the same place.

We took extra care to maintain a sense of elegance.

What’s next for Mapiq

Now that we’ve focused on the fresh layer of paint, next up are new improvements across the whole Mapiq experience for you. We will build upon the fresh look & feel with more functionality and better, well-thought-through solutions that create a frictionless day at work.

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to update Mapiq Now. Let us know what you think of the refreshed look by contacting us through the website, the app, or via your customer success manager.

Niels Politiek
Smart Office Advisor
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