Bring the future of hybrid working to KPMG

Mapiq has helped KPMG offices around the globe integrate high-performing hybrid working solutions. Enhance your workplace and give your team the tools they need to feel and perform their best.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Hybrid working systems built to last

Our technology uses data collection, booking solutions, and powerful integrations to take your workplace to the next level and keep it there. Are you ready to revolutionize your KPMG office experience?

Stay sustainable with data analytics

Mapiq collects anonymous data from around your office and provides you with real-time occupancy management and insights. Access a holistic view of your KPMG workplace to make the most informed sustainability decisions for your company and employees.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.
Diverse group of young professionals in a hybrid meeting at the office.

Build a strong company culture

Mapiq can help KPMG employees connect with their colleagues through hybrid meetings and in-person. Create a company culture that encourages savvy collaboration and teamwork.

API Automation

Reduce your administrative work with automated purchasing, scheduling, and work from home allowances.

O365 & Google calendar integration

Sync your calendar with the Mapiq app for a more connected workday.

Open SSO protocol

Easy onboarding and a seamless authentication process.

Does Mapiq already work with KPMG?

Mapiq currently supports KPMG offices worldwide. As a smart office platform, we have worked alongside KPMG and other organizations to improve their office experience. ​By providing the tools needed to foster creative and collaborative working environments, Mapiq’s hybrid working technology is paving the way for the future of work.

What benefits have Mapiq brought to KPMG?

In our work with KPMG offices around the globe, we’ve helped reduce real-estate costs, improved workplace efficiency, and provided employees with the tools they need to collaborate. At Mapiq, we focus on people-centric hybrid solutions that prioritize long-term collaboration and connection. We’re more than just an office management app: we focus on the way people safely use their spaces and interact with their colleagues.

How does Mapiq ensure security and privacy?

Mapiq works with existing authentication & SSO, and we always prioritize the technical health of your organization. We account for privacy concerns in every stage of our development and practice ongoing vulnerability testing. Reach out to us for more specifics on how we can protect your digital security.

How much does Mapiq cost?

Our pricing model differs based on your number of users. Reach out to us for an estimate.

We’ve improved well-being at KPMG offices around the globe—get in touch to learn what Mapiq can do for you.

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