Elements of a successful flexible working concept

Elements of a successful flexible working concept

Elements of a successful flexible working concept

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The future of work is here, and it is flexible. Adopting a flexible work model can be an easy job with the help of smart technology. Drive productivity, engagement and well-being with Mapiq’s solution. Embrace flexible work and get ready for the next chapter of work.

smart technology and flexible work

Why flexible work is critical for your business success  

Flexible work is a term that usually refers to a job that has non-traditional working arrangements. Most of these arrangements take into account employee need and grant them with flexibility on working hours, locations and tasks. As flexible work becomes the preferred work model for employees, business leaders should adjust their workplace conditions to meet new employee demands and needs. This can be done effortlessly with smart office technology.

How smart technology enables flexible working 

Smart technology enables flexible working by letting employees to adjust working days to their needs and schedules. With Mapiq's smart office platform, your employees can find the best place to work, control the light and temperature of meeting rooms and book hybrid meetings in seconds.

Flexible working examples

  • Hybrid working:
    The most modern form of flexible work. Hybrid working allows employees to flexibly divide their work week between home and the office. This type of flexible work is especially convenient for employees with children who live far from the office.
  • Activity-based working:
    Choosing your workplace based on the type of activity you're doing. This could be the choice between working from home versus the office, or between a range of different workspaces within the office itself.
  • Flexible working hours: This type of flexible work allows employees to choose their working times. Usually, flexible hours are mostly popular among employees with children that need to split their working hours during the day.  
  • Flexible contracts: Part-time work allows employees to work less hours. This type of flexible working is popular among students and millennials.  
  • Job sharing: Sharing the same role with another colleague can be an efficient way to combine part-time employees’ tasks. Employees usually can choose their working hours according to their needs.

Difference between hybrid work and flexible work

Another working concept that has been popularized lately is hybrid work. Although hybrid work and flexible work models share commonalities, they have some differences.  

What is the flexible work model?
The flexible work model emphasizes on flexibility over working hours, locations, and tasks.

What is the hybrid work model?
On the other hand a hybrid work model is a combination of remote and office work. Employees can choose their preferred place to work depending on their agendas. Learn more about hybrid working.

The benefits of flexible work model for your business success

Many companies are planning to adopt a flexible working model. That is because flexible work and improved productivity go hand in hand. At the same time, flexible working employees seem to be more engaged and satisfied with their jobs. Adopting a flexible work model can have many benefits for your organization, such as:

Employees that can choose their work location and the specific time they want to work on projects tend to perform better. At the same time, employers who give their employees the freedom of choice boost feelings of empowerment at work which can lead to increased job satisfaction. Working remotely for long periods can significantly hurt your company's sense of community. By providing a collaborative workplace to your employees where they can meet to socialize and collaborate, can positively impact the sense of belonging which positively influence their well-being.  

Reduce costs
Adopting a flexible work model paired with smart office technology, can help you better understand how employees use the office. This way, you will be able to make informed changes in your space that can further reduce office costs.

Allowing your employees to work whenever they want and wherever they want can supercharge their job satisfaction levels. Satisfied employees tend to be happier and more productive and creative.

Mapiq's smart technology and flexible work
With Mapiq's interface you have clear overview of your office facilities, occupancy levels, booked shifts and more.

How smart technology speeds up the transition to a flexible work model  

Offices equipped with smart technology can be more efficient and flexible. As employees worldwide crave for face to face interaction with their colleagues, it is expected that the office will become a flexible workplace where employees rotate throughout the day and meet with colleagues to socialize and collaborate.

But how can smart technology turn your office into a flexible workplace and actually enable flexible work in your office?

Smart technology in practice

Manage office shifts
Managing who books a shift in the office can be easy. With Mapiq solutions, you have an overview of all the booked shifts made by employees and guests. This way, you can assist in last-minute bookings and cancellations as efficiently as possible.  

Hybrid meetings
Booking a hybrid meeting can be a daunting process for your employees. With smart technology, however, your employees can find available meeting rooms in real-time and book them in seconds.  

Workplace insights
Optimizing your office according to your employees’ behavior can help you reach optimum space usage. With workplace insights at hand, you can make proactive changes that boost employee performance and workplace experience.

Control light and temperature
Let your employees set room conditions exactly they way they want. With Mapiq solution, employees can adjust light and temperature according to their needs.

Create a flexible workplace with Mapiq

Mapiq smart office solution enables you to embrace flexible working, by creating a flexible workplace for happy, satisfied and productive employees. Our smart office advisors are always happy to answer any type of question you might have. Get in touch with and create a thriving workplace.

Mockup of Mapiq's map builder for account administrators. Draw maps, add floors, desks and areas to your buildings.
Two screenshots of Mapiq's hybrid meetings solution for the office with real-time attendance.
Two screenshots of Mapiq's hybrid meetings solution for the office showcasing meeting rooms and available equipment.

Key features

Mapiq Desk Booking provides everything an office needs to stay organized and productive. With a range of features designed to increase easy collaboration and boost productivity, you’ll always have what you need for a great day at work.

Office analytics
Mobile app
Book on behalf

Go beyond hybrid meetings

If you’re looking to streamline your organization, increase employee retention, and optimize your office space, then you’ll need more than just a hybrid meetings feature. With the Mapiq desktop and mobile app, you have everything you need to boost collaboration and manage your space while staying one step ahead of workplace trends. And with Mapiq’s data and analytics feature, you can always analyze and improve your workplace.

Get ready for the next chapter of work

Get ready for the next chapter of work

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