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PointGrab is a leading machine learning and computer vision company that provides an innovative sensing platform to the smart building industry. The company applies its superior deep-learning technology to enable accurate tracking and understanding of human activity and space utilization. It is a fast growing company with offices in Israel and the US.

Pointgrab sensor
PointGrab’s sensing platform makes it possible to accurately monitor occupancy levels in workspaces

About Pointgrab

At Mapiq, we want to go beyond smart buildings, we want our buildings to be responsive to the end-user. Our collaboration with partner, Pointgrab, helps us achieve just that.

Due to the increase of activity-based work environments and mobile workforces, many office spaces become over-or-underutilized, resulting in substantial fluctuations of operational expenditures. PointGrab’s CogniPointTM human-activity sensing platform makes it possible to accurately monitor occupancy levels in workspaces. The integration between CogniPoint and Mapiq’s cloud-based software adds advanced deep-learning technology to the platform making it possible to accurately count the number of people in workspaces anonymously. The collected data is visualized real-time in the Analytics dashboard of Mapiq, which can then be used by the facilities team to optimize workspaces and improve employee performance levels.

Pointgrab sensor


The integration with PointGrab makes it possible to offer a range of solutions such as:

  • Accurate and anonymous people counting in workspace.

  • Combining utilization data with booking data to reduce no-shows.
  • Real-time workspace data visualized in a single analytics dashboard.

  • Enhancing employee productivity and wellbeing.

The partnership between PointGrab and Mapiq has resulted in the successful completion of international smart building projects such as: Deloitte’s The Edge 2.0, Edge Olympic (and PMI under construction).

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