Unilever HQ, New Jersey

We created one of the most sustainable and technologically advanced workplaces on the US East Coast. This high-tech work environment improves employees productivity and wellbeing.

The Unilever US headquarters in New Jersey is situated along the Hudson River



Digitized office space

Digitized office space

100,000 m²


Sensors and iBeacons


Most sustainable office building on the US East Coast

Global consumer goods company Unilever renovated its US Headquarters to become the most energy-efficient and intelligent office building on the East Coast. The building has numerous shared workspaces, inspirational areas and is both LEED and WELL certified.

The building was one of the first smart offices on the East Coast

Challenges faced by Unilever

Since the 1960’s Unilever was Headquartered at a 23-acre corporate campus along the Hudson river in New Jersey. A decade ago the board introduced activity based working, including flexible hours, agile workspaces and hot-desks. Nevertheless, employees experienced the office as impersonal and had difficulties finding suitable workplaces for their activities. It was time for a major makeover. Unilever’s objective was to reduce environmental impact due to intelligent use of space and energy, while keeping a central focus on employees well-being. Together with our partner OVG renovation plans were made to create a high-tech work environment.

Mapiq helps employees finding the right workplace for their activity

“Mapiq makes it possible to find available workplaces quickly and adjust these to my personal preferences. As a result my workdays become much more productive.’’

Mick Jones, a daily Mapiq user

Making it happen!

Four buildings were connected, creating an impressive cutting-edge office space of 32.000m2. Due to our experience with implementing digital infrastructures on large campuses, Mapiq was selected to form the Headquarters’ smart platform. Based on the new floor plans we created an interactive 3D map. This map makes it easy for employees to navigate intuitively through the building, finding available workplaces and colleagues as well as being aware of daily events. We integrated light, temperature and locker solutions, making it possible for employees to tailor the workplace to their personal preferences. 4850 sensors and iBeacons were connected to gather data about the use of the building and as a localization source. Also, all data is visualized in the Analytics dashboard. This provides real-time information about office occupancy, peak hours and popular workspaces to Unilever’s facilities team.

Mapiq 3D map Unilever
32.000m2 of office space is visualized in Mapiq


Thanks to Mapiq the office building is now one of the best places to work in the New York city area. The implementation of our platform solution has resulted in:

  • An interactive 3D overview of the office that supports the activity based working environment
  • Decreased sense of workplace scarcity
  • Tailoring workplaces on individual level
  • Workspace optimization based on real-time data visualized in the Analytics dashboard

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