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Quickly integrate new solutions

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Ensure privacy and security

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Quick and easy

Don't waste time on inefficient tools

If you're looking to implement a new solution or improve your existing one, you'll need something fast and easy to set up. Mapiq can be live in one week, and it's always easy to use for end-users and admins. With a simple setup and UI, your company can experience a meaningful, hassle-free workday.

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more likely to stay beyond three years

When employees have access to effective workplace technology, they are 85% more likely to stay in a role for longer than three years. By taking the steps today to integrate an easy-to-use working solution into your organization, you can give your colleagues the tools they need to help your organization succeed.

It is exciting to see how smart technology is truly a valuable tool in helping us to achieve our goal of creating better buildings.
Erik Ubels
Chief Technology Officer
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Connected systems

Integrate all solutions in your IT ecosystem

As our work grows more complex, our tools need to keep up. Organizations deal with dozens of technical solutions at once, and integrating those systems is key to an organized workday. Mapiq's Open API makes it easy to sync between platforms and solutions, all while controlling multiple workspaces.


find it challenging to engage with hybrid and remote tools

In the wake of hybrid working, more and more systems are dedicated to bridging the gap between home and office. But, these can often create more problems than they're worth due to the disconnect between these systems and the challenge it can be to unite them. At Mapiq, we ensure that all your systems stay connected and working together.

Stay safe

Always ensure privacy and security

Mapiq works with existing authentication and encrypted communications to preserve the technical health of your organization. We account for security concerns in every stage of our development and maintain our reliable SaaS platform through regular third-party pen-testing.

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the first Mapiq solution was developed

Since Mapiq's beginning, privacy and security has always been at the core of what we do. Mapiq is GDPR compliant, and our services are accredited by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Every aspect of our product is developed with privacy in mind, and our team is always on hand to consult and troubleshoot your system.


Integrate with your existing IT ecosystem

Thanks to our powerful API, Mapiq can be seamlessly connected to the hardwares and softwares you are already using. Unite every aspect of your workspace for a more streamlined workday.