The effect of workplace technology on your impact as a COO

How can COOs optimally drive performance and growth for business? Workplace technology identifies key issues for improvement and adaptability.

As a COO, you are busy executing the business plan of your company as effectively as possible. How can you identify the key issues that will optimally drive performance and growth for your business? The insights that workplace technology bring, can help you find bottlenecks while future-proofing your business at the same time.

Identifying key issues

The best COOs first identify what elements are most valuable to improve. Meeting and talking with employees can lead to great insights but is not always effective. Surveys can help but the results can be outdated when you receive them.

Workplace technologies provide you with a more reliable and cost-efficient solution. Sensors collect data and visualize it in analytics dashboards in real-time.

The dashboards show important information related to the usage of your office:

  • Average meeting occupancy during the day
  • Peak occupancy rates
  • Meeting room trends
  • Ad-hoc and hybrid meeting room demand
  • Number of no-shows
  • Most and least popular types of meeting rooms.

With this data, you can make data-driven decisions about what actions you need to take to enable your employees to do the following:

  • Have effective meetings
  • Use workspaces effectively
  • Simplify hybrid meeting planning
  • Organize ad-hoc meetings.

Next to that, you enable yourself to implement the following key changes:

  • Increase occupancy rates
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase employee well-being
  • Make hybrid meeting spaces fit the demand better
  • Decrease the number of operational issues.

Drive overall performance and growth

Research (Leesman, 2018) shows that 60% of employees globally agree their workplace enables them to work productively. This means that, four out of ten employees feel they are not optimally supported to work productively.  

Typical and predictable employee frustrations drive this dissatisfaction. For example, only 29% of employees are satisfied with quiet rooms for working alone or in pairs. Finding a place for ad-hoc meetings is another frustration that negatively affects productivity. With workplace technology, you empower your employees to find the most productive areas for work or hybrid meetings in real-time. When employees can choose where they work they will feel more autonomous. As a result, they are more motivated, engaged, and productive.

Coen van Oostrom, Founder & CEO OVG Real estate, explains how Mapiq helps to find workplaces to every individual’s need:

"The Mapiq app helps our employees have the workspace that they need at the moment that they need it."

Investing in your best talent

Your top performers are responsible for a large part of your business success. As a COO you must identify those top talents and make sure they stay happy. If the job satisfaction of your top performers decreases, they are most likely to leave your business. With high workforce demands and headhunters eager to snap up your top performers, employees leave companies faster than ever. In 2019, the annual separation rates in the United States had increased for the fifth year in a row. Depending on your industry, you could expect that between 16% (Federal Government) and 80% (arts, entertainment, and recreation) of your current workforce will leave your business within the next twelve months.

Employees want you to consider their well-being and provide them with a great office experience. Therefore, it is important to invest in workplace solutions that contribute to well-being elements such as light and temperature control, smart lockers, smart parking, and activity-based workspaces.

Improving adaptability

COVID-19 has proven to us once again how important it is to make your business adaptable to change. If similar global shifts occur in the future, you want to make sure your business is ready to coordinate your employees’ return to the office. Workplace technologies like Mapiq help you do that.

Many businesses today make adaptability a priority in their overall strategy. Values like innovation, agility, and modernity are often included in companies’ core values. If your office does not express these values on a day to day basis, it is unlikely that these theoretical values will be matched by employees.

Boost your business with workplace technology

Workplace technologies can drive performance and growth for your business. They help with identifying key issues while making your employees feel well and productive. Your top performers are more likely to stay at your company and you are better prepared for future change. Contact our team of workplace advisors to learn more about how workplace technology can drive your business results.

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