Mapiq's Building Occupancy Display

No more wasting time

Finding a place to work in a multi-floor office can be frustrating for employees. Because after all, people are creatures of habit. When employees arrive at work in the morning, most of them will navigate to their usual floor or area. Finding out there's no workplace left, often kicks off an unwanted tour around the office to look for a place elsewhere. A waste of time!

Mapiq's Building Occupancy Display
As soon as employees enter the building, the display shows them which floors are busy.

A smooth start at the office

Mapiq's Building Occupancy Display smoothens up the beginning of a day at work. No more time wasted wandering around in the office. As soon as employees enter the building, the display shows them which floors are busy. Ready to go straight ahead to a floor with plenty of space, with a coffee in hand.


Real-time occupancy insights

All the essential information about your office occupancy within reach. The display makes sure everybody who walks into the building directly knows how many workplaces are available on each floor.


Office analytics dashboard

Use the collected data to understand how your office is utilized. Find out how employees use the building and how the occupancy of desks evolves during a day in your office analytics dashboard.


Social distance functionality

Get insights into the floor- and workplace occupancy, based on a 1.5-meter social distance algorithm. This functionality is developed for the post-COVID-19 era and helps employees to keep distance. It also provides you with the right information to reopen your office safely.

How does it work?

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