The workplace as a driver of innovation

Smart office technology for the 21st century

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“IT innovation should be at the core of the future workplace.”

The next chapter of work isn’t about taller buildings. The next chapter of work is about building a thriving, digital-first work environment. Smart technology helps create a workplace that increases employee well-being and enables business growth.

Jasper Schuurmans, CTO at Mapiq
Jasper Schuurmans
CTO at Mapiq

Innovation made easy

Remove friction. Get clear insights into the building. And provide a great office experience. All with the power of data. Mapiq lets you integrate hardware and software into your office so you can build a better place to work.

Integrate your systems

Integrate your existing building management systems. Let employees easily share building facilities. It’s as simple as that.

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Ensure privacy

Make conscious technology decisions. Employees always have control over their personal data. So you can guarantee full privacy.

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Keep low maintenance

Mapiq is a low-maintenance SaaS subscription that automatically updates without changes to your local servers. Which means minimal effort on your end.

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Smart tech for smart offices

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Low footprint

Low footprint, big impact. Mapiq’s doesn’t come with an entire hardware package that takes up space in your office.

Proteced data
Protected data

Your privacy and security matters. So we hold ourselves to the highest privacy standards we can.

Automatic updates
Automatic updates

Automatic updates means Mapiq is low-maintenance. So you can focus on your work, not trying to stay on top of our system.

Wouter van Hofwegen, sales executive
Wouter van Hofwegen
Sales Executive
Build an office that’s fit for 2022 and beyond.
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