Make great real estate portfolio decisions

Use data to make better choices about your buildings around the world.

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“Prepare your real estate for the future of work.”

There’s no doubt that the future of work will change—and data will be the driving force behind those changes. Smart technology helps you reduce building costs, maximize your existing office space, and build a sense of pride among employees.

Sander Schutte, CEO at Mapiq
Sander Schutte
CEO at Mapiq

Learn how people use your building

The office will always be an important part of your business. But the nature of use will change. Smart building insights let you see how employees use the space and give you the data you need for smart portfolio decisions.

See emerging workplace trends

Discover the changing workplace needs people have. Then use these insights to be ready when it's time to adjust your portfolio.

Understand employee needs
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Boost the office experience

Let people know what's going on in the office. Give everyone the freedom to choose a workplace that suits them best and support on-the-fly meetings.

Discover untapped potential

See in real-time how your building occupancy is changing. Mapiq gives you the information you need to identify which buildings have untapped potential.

Use data to make space changes
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Technology makes your portfolio more dynamic

Cut costs in a good way
Cut costs in a good way

Data can show you where you can make strategic choices about the space—so you can reduce unnecessary building and operation costs.

Make your employees proud
Make your employees proud

Make your team feel like a team. Inspire employees and make them proud to come to the office with innovative tech that makes their daily life simple.

Get global recognition
Get global recognition

A BREEAM, WELL, or LEED certification demonstrates how seriously you take your responsibility to a more sustainable and healthy future.

Bas Schellekens, Sales executive
Bas Schellekens
Sales Executive
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