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All solutions are built on top of our office platform. No matter which solutions you choose, you will always have a strong foundation covering the essentials.

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The smart office at your fingertips

At the heart of Mapiq’s office platform lies our web application with a digital 3D model of your (now) smart building. It’s the ideal way to get more insight in the office, navigate through it, orientate yourself and find your bearings. All of our solutions can be accessed directly from here.

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Find your way

Mapiq uses smart indoor routing algorithms to help you find your way. Whenever you request a route to a location, our server uses the most up-to-date information to determine the shortest route. Because routes are computed dynamically, and not predefined, the directions will take the latest changes of the building’s layout into account.

Mapiq integrations

Seamless integrations

Your employees, customers and partners want seamless access to their SaaS, mobile, cloud and enterprise applications. But security is an obvious concern. Single-Sign-On (SSO) allows you to sign on using one set of secure corporate credentials. It gives you one-click access to all applications from any kind of device.

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Mapiq app

Mapiq app on your smartphone

Our native application for iOS and Android turns your smartphone into a personal assistant and remote control in one. The Mapiq app leverages the power of native and indoor localization to help you find the colleagues you want to work with and guides you to a vacant desk nearby. We even help you book a perfect meeting room within seconds and once you’re in you can control the room directly via your phone.

Case: The Edge, Amsterdam

Mapiq provides Deloitte's professionals with access to all the qualities that ground-breaking office building "The Edge" has to offer.

The office platform of the most sustainable building in the world

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