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Today’s office is a dynamic environment, where unplanned meetings have become the norm. Imagine you had a real-time 3D overview of all the spaces in your building showing the occupancy. You would never have to waste valuable space and time anymore.

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Get detailed insights and book rooms effortlessly

At the heart of Mapiq’s room booking technology lies an interactive 3D model of your office building which users can access through their laptop or smartphone. It provides insight in all meeting rooms, including real-time occupancy data. This technology makes finding and booking meeting rooms or reporting issues, effortless.


Say goodbye to no-shows

Occupancy sensors detect activity in a room and booking owners are reminded of their upcoming booking by email. In case a cancelation is in order, users can do so with just a click. Our booking system helps to create employee accountability, and in case of a no-show a booked room can be automatically released.

All our sensor integrations

Integrate your favourite room booking system

Mapiq integrates existing room booking systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Axxerion, TOPdesk, Condecco, Tririga, and Facilitor in a single interface. These systems remain fully functional and serve as a data source to ensure optimal building efficiency.

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Improve room management

Keep track of all the rooms in your building with real time occupancy data and heatmaps. You can monitor usage statistics of the rooms and generate reports that helps maximize efficiency and cut cost.

Building Analytics, yes please!
Go beyond booking

Go beyond booking

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Case: Proximus Towers, Brussels

Mapiq helped Proximus by implementing a digital platform that supports activity based working, making a traditional organization ready for the future.

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