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The workspace has become more open and dynamic than ever before. Being able to work anytime, anywhere, provides great flexibility. However, this way of working often decreases the amount of face-to-face contact in the office. Mapiq’s technology with its unique twist, brings people and teams back together.

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Locate people accurately with WiFi and iBeacon technology

Time is saved and opportunities for teamwork are created by making sure people can find each other. User locations are always up-to-date thanks to our algorithms. Location accuracy depends on the chosen technology such as WiFi or iBeacons, and varies between 1 and 15 meters.


Technology that enhances agile teamwork

Teamwork and relationships are central to the way we work. Employees that have a positive sense of community score better on subjects like collaboration, creative work and the ability to learn from each other. Mapiq enhances agile teamwork by making it possible for people and teams to connect easily.


Privacy first with Opt-in permission

Users always stay in control and can enable (Opt-in) or disable (Opt-out) the people localization feature at any time. The Mapiq system will only keep the bare minimum data to run the feature. We do not store historical data about a person’s location, nor will we share data with third parties. And NO, we do not locate on the toilet!

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Technology that brings people together

Technology that brings people together

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Case: Unilever HQ, New Jersey

Together with our partner OVG, we created one of the most sustainable and technologically advanced workplaces on the US East Coast.

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Unilever HQ, New Jersey

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