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Why do we share our desks in the office?

In the last couple of years, the sharing economy slowly started to become more and more popular, as we shifted from ownership to access. Nowadays we go to the office with our rented bike and ride back from an office party with SnappCar. And not just physically, digitally we share a lot with people all over the world. The same applies to work life. In the modern office, there are no longer individual offices with a name on the door or desks with a nameplate. Sharing our workplace, our desk, has become the norm. But why do we share so extensively?

Esmeé van Vliet
by Esmeé van Vliet
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Sharing our workplace, our desk, has become the norm. But why do we share so extensively?

The benefits of the sharing economy

If we take a quick glance into the benefits of sharing, we can easily name a few. Sharing saves money, lowers the carbon footprint, creates communities and helps meeting new people. And these are universal benefits from sharing. But if we name them for inside the office, we notice they are quite similar. An office with no individual desks for everyone saves a lot of space, which saves a lot of money. And sitting at a different spot during your workday, helps you meet new people and strengthens the community inside the office. But if we’re truly honest – sharing isn’t always that easy. Especially older generations still remember the days they owned a desk. So how can we make desk-sharing easier?

The platform is key

The key to sharing is a platform, technology, and people. If we would just ask people to start sharing desks, without giving them a tool to do so or giving them insight into where a desk is available, sharing might be a time-consuming activity. Imagine losing up to 15 minutes finding a free meeting room or a quiet place to work. But it still surprises us that we see that a lot in modern offices. The office is well-designed to the needs of employees but fails at giving employees the platform to use the office the way it is intended. The result? Claiming behavior!

Enhance the feeling of well-being

We believe that the future of work is all about adaptability. Being able to change at the same pace as the fast-changing world. And sharing is a big part of that. Therefore, we have to make sure that we give employees a platform that enables them to share. And that is where Mapiq comes in to play. Our smart office platform gives employees the tools to use the shared facilities in the office easily, without wasting time. And besides the obvious benefits, such as lowering costs or creating a community, sharing also releases the oxytocin hormone, which increases the feeling of well-being. And that might be the workplace trend we keep hearing this year.

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