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What can we expect from the smart office in the future?

The office is getting smarter and smarter every day. Technology is getting more advanced. In the future, the office will know what your day looks like. It will help you find the perfect spot to work and guide you through your workday effortlessly. But what does the future hold? We’ve summed up some future expectations of a smart office. What do you think, reality or illusion?

Esmeé van Vliet
by Esmeé van Vliet
Smart office
What does the future hold? We’ve summed up some future expectations of a smart office. What do you think, reality or illusion?

Being in the office will be the norm

Working from home has become a big thing over the last couple of years. Cloud computing makes it possible to access information from every location. Employees no longer have to be in the office to work. They can work wherever and however they like. Employers focus on output and trust their employees to do their job. Although the flexibility that has entered our lives over the years will stay, the importance of the office will come back. Due to the pressure of the work-life balance, the office will give employees a chance to keep them separate. Everyone can pick what is suitable for them.

Smart planning with artificial intelligence

How awesome would it be if you’re on the phone with a colleague, suggesting to plan an ad hoc meeting in an hour, and your calendar picks right up? Putting the meeting in your schedule and booking a room that fits your needs. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can make this a reality. Well, that would be pretty awesome, if you ask us. This might be the way to go, in just a few years.

Voice will be part of the office

In the future, we will interact with the office by voice. Asking it to make our favorite cup of coffee, or putting a meeting on our calendar. Not that surprising, since we’re already talking to Alexa, right?

Other realities

Virtual reality and augmented reality can help us collaborate. You don’t have to be in the office for a meeting, you can do one at distance. But it doesn’t just improve collaboration. For designers and architects, those other realities can make it easier to realise new concepts and test them with end-users.

Hi there, I’m a robot

We don’t expect the office to be stacked with robots anytime soon. However, robots can help in the office. Things can be automated easily and quickly. We’re already using chatbots on the internet to help people with their questions. So, we can expect to be greeted and assisted by a robot at the reception as well. And they might even guide us around the office.

You can start now

We understand... over the years there has been a lot of forecasting about future expectations of smart offices. And yes, it is important to understand where we are going, yet it is even important to stay in the present! Let’s take a step back and start with making your office smart tomorrow. Make your office an exciting one. Mapiq can help you create a smart office. Our office platform helps you optimize your workplace and activate the true potential of employees.

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