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Visualisation of data

What insights can data give you? How do you start? After the data is collected and all in one place, you’re faced with the question: how can you actually use it? As in many things, seeing is believing. The visualisation of data can change numbers into actionable items. In this blog, we take a look at how you can use your data to translate what your office is trying to tell you.

Dorenda Slof
by Dorenda Slof

What insights can you get from data and how do you start?

Your office can tell you stories. Stories like: there are, at any moment of the day, 25 empty chairs! Or: 15% of the time a meeting room is booked, nobody actually ends up using that room. These stories can raise questions. Which groups of chairs are always empty? When do booked rooms tend to be unoccupied—and does this even matter? Mapiq Analytics can tell you. Mapiq knows how to answer this kind of question with data. We visualise these stories in graphs. Mapiq knows how to answer this kind of question with data. We visualise these stories in graphs. Here are two examples:

Peak demand at Widgets HQ.

Widgets HQ always has 122 of its 648 desks unused. The Widgets facilities manager uses Mapiq to see which type of desk is less-used. Is it influenced by which floor they are on? Does the configuration make a difference? A glance around the office at various points in the day could actually be quite misleading. Let’s check out the graph to see why. As you can see in the graph below, all three desk types have occasional moments of lower occupancy.

If you glanced around the Widgets office when you had a minute, you might conclude that everything was fine. The graph tells a different story. It shows that while there are always collaboration tables going unoccupied, flex and quiet workspaces experienced peak demand. Adding more quiet workspaces or creating more quiet areas within the office might not only help achieve workplace efficiency but prevent a cut-throat competition for quiet spaces among Widgets’ otherwise amiable employees.

Workplace occupancy at Widgets HQ

Fixing No-shows

International Inc. kept finding their meeting rooms empty when the schedule said they were fully booked. Mapiq shows them when it’s more likely to happen so they can make some decisions. Should they change how meetings are scheduled in the mornings or afternoons? Should they make it harder to book a room or follow up with no-shows?

No-shows at International Inc.

There tend to be a lot of no-shows first thing in the morning. International Inc. employees book a room even if they’re not sure the meeting will happen to ensure they have a room if they need one. But the graph shows there is no shortage in rooms until late morning, in the brief intervals where the red and green bars actually touch. This gives International Inc. a couple options. Maybe they can let departments see the data showing there’s plenty of space in the morning. Maybe they decide the easiest route would be to cancel all bookings if the room is unoccupied fifteen minutes into the booking.

Mapiq’s tool showing real-time occupancy can create more space for ad hoc meetings. Mapiq gives you the practical details to amplify the stories your building is telling you. These stories can be translated into practical solutions that change how your space is used.

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