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The trends of 2016

2015. It has been a good year for Mapiq. New clients, new partners and more importantly; more happy employees. Even though the past can teach us many things, looking towards the future is just as important. Because of this, our team has made some predictions about developments in the workplace.

Anne Wernand
by Anne Wernand
Trend report
Trend report 2016

More personal control

In 2016, employees will acquire a lot more control over their own support services and work environment. Employees are no longer dependable on a reception desk or remote controls. This year the workforce will obtain control in their work environment through their smartphone. Thinks of it like something magical; being able to control your environment without major installation packages. Imagine turning the light in the office on and off with your smartphone. This will be one of the main focus points for the further expansion of Mapiq and we will release some exciting updates regarding this topic in this upcoming year!

"Remote controls will become relics of the past"

Mapiq trend report 2016

The personal workplace: everybody can choose their individual preferences.

Research shows some employees work better in quiet personal compartments and others work better in a lounge or café area. Last year we featured a series of blogs about these issues. In the future, companies will have to pay close attention to their office environments and invest in refining them so employees can choose the perfect environment that fits them personally at that specific moment. Employers will have to generate multi-facet office spaces that will provide employees with options and less open spaces. One point of importance is that employees should be able to know where those different facilities are. This is where Mapiq comes in handy. The application will provide information about the interior of the room or space and whether that space is occupied. This year we want Mapiq to provide more detailed information about these workplaces. We’ve all experienced the situation in which a focus area is so crowded that you can hardly call it a focus area. We want to integrate more real time information through sensors so Mapiq could advice you which of the focus areas suits your needs best at that moment in time.

Companies start to share buildings

Sharing and collaborative consumption are rapidly growing in popularity today. Think about Airbnb and Uber. The same goes for office buildings. This year we expect a rise of multi-tenant buildings. We are already involved in projects in which three organizations are going to occupy the same building and share facility services. Centralized integrating systems are essential to structure the distribution of these buildings. Just imagine three organizations all with their own systems; booking a room would be a nightmare! To make sure rooms aren’t double booked, you need a device like Mapiq that can manage and structure these kind of situations. We are expected to handle more of these in 2016.

"A rise in so-called “multi-tenant buildings"

Mapiq trend report 2016

Being able to connect with colleagues

Bonding with coworkers improves the work day, helps us produce better work, and keeps us energized and excited to get to the office every day. With the rise of collaborative technologies, generational preferences, globalization and an employee’s desire for work-life balance, the office is becoming more decentralized, and space is shrinking. In an era where everything is flexible it seems simply natural that we do not see our colleagues that often. In 2016 it will still be important for colleagues to physically meet each other when they are in the office. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get to know someone a little better just by just being in the same room as them. This year, Mapiq is working to improve localization of employees, so when they check in at a certain place, their colleagues could easily find them.

We are excited to keep you up to date on these four developments in the workplace and of Mapiq during the upcoming year. Stay tuned!

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