Feb 11, 2020 in Viewpoint

The role of smart technology in activity-based working

Technology changes a lot faster than people do. New technologies are running ahead of us, while we’re still embracing ones that have already been here for quite some time. The same goes for smart technology. There is a lot more possible in the office these days. By using your phone, you can find places to work, see where colleagues are and even book meeting rooms on the spot. At Mapiq, we believe that smart technology makes activity-based working, work. Smart technology plays a supporting role that can help employees adapt faster to the change in a new work environment. Here’s why.

Esmeé van Vliet
by Esmeé van Vliet
Smart technology
Smart technology plays a supporting role that can help employees adapt faster to the change in a new work environment

Simplify choices

When switching to an activity-based working concept, we’re asking employees to leave their fixed desk and pick one out of hundreds of desks in the entire building. This gives employees so many choices, which can lead to decision fatigue, making employees feel overwhelmed. With the support of smart technology, you can simplify the choices for employees and guide them towards a workplace that fits their needs. You can, for example, show them if there is a free spot nearby a colleague they’re working on a project with. Or show them what meeting room fits their project team with five people. Smart technology can take away the fear of wandering and ending up at the same place as yesterday.

Share desks

On busy days, some employees arrive at the office early to claim a desk. Not using them, but going from meeting to meeting and staying only half of the time or less behind it. This can be easily explained: humans have a need for ownership. However, with the sharing economy developing, and new generations jumping into the work field, that sense of ownership is changing. But as for almost anything that we can share, a digital tool is needed to get insight into the availability. The same goes for sharing desks. With sensors underneath desks, you can show employees, by using colors, which workplaces are free. And besides the visual feedback on the spot, you can also give employees the possibility to have an overview of the office to see where there is a desk is available.

Personalize the experience

So with smart technology, you can take away the fear of not having a place to work or wandering around the office. But smart technology can do more. With data and artificial intelligence, smart technology can give employees personal suggestions on where to work. Suggesting their favorite spot if it’s free or a place in the focus area if they blocked time to work on a project. And these are just examples, artificial intelligence is something that will keep on growing the upcoming years – giving each employee exactly what they need.

Elevate your office experience

So smart technology plays a very big role in helping employees adapt faster to a new way of working. Interested in how smart technology can elevate your office experience? We're here to help.

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