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The key to well-being at work: social interaction

Well-being at the office is a theme that has caught all of our attention. Companies can nowadays even receive certifications like WELL or LEED to determine how ‘well’ their building functions for the employees working in it. But even when an office has the healthiest physical work environment you can imagine, there is still a component missing to ensure the well-being of an employee. Social interaction plays a huge role in employee well-being!

Marre Oudhof
by Marre Oudhof
Friends at work boost productivity and well-being
Social interaction stimulates well-being at work

Positive relations at the office

Since we work one-third of our lives and our work-life balance tend to overlap more and more, social interaction at work influences the well-being of employees more than you might think. Having positive relations at work increases employee engagement, collaboration, innovation, and productivity. Your colleagues affect your feeling of belonging, energy level, sense of purpose and work motivation enormously. We’ve summed up some ways for you to stimulate positive relations at the office.

3 tips to support having friends at work

Knowing this, employers should focus on supporting your social interaction. Especially when you want to attract and retain talent. Instead, we see it gets harder to maintain social contact with your colleagues. Open seating plans and activity-based working, complicate finding coworkers to collaborate or socialize with. Luckily, there is a way to make sure employees are not withheld from improving their work relations.

1. Online communication tools like Slack help connecting coworkers at work. This medium makes it more accessible to join certain channels and to get involved with colleagues. Features like sending GIFS, creating polls and using emoji’s as a reaction also contributes to the interaction with colleagues in a fun way.

2. Design your office to stimulate making social connections. Facilitating enough coffee corners, relax areas and playrooms in a workplace is one thing. But integrating technology can certainly provide the solution to support a social work environment. Mapiq analyzes the usage of your office with the data we collect from sensors and beacons. This way, you can optimize the workplace by connecting the analyzed data of your relax areas.

3. Finding your colleague to collaborate or socialize with is crucial in having a great day at work. This can be solved if you know the whereabouts of your team in the office. With the localization feature of Mapiq, you’ll no longer waste time looking for your coworker to beat them in a game of pool.

If you are in search of unlocking the full potential of your employees, integrate online communication tools like Slack, and make sure that you have enough relaxation areas. Lastly, you should provide a way for your employees to find each other in the building. Having an office that supports social interaction, is definitely worth investing in!

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