Sep 10, 2019 in Viewpoint

The illusions of a smart office

Smart offices are changing the way we work. And while we're still at the beginning of this revolution, there are already some expectations that come along with a smart office. A lot is possible with smart technology, but not all expectations are true. We’ve written down some of the illusions of a smart office and divided them up in expectations and realities. Of course, with a little irony. Can you relate?

Esmeé van Vliet
by Esmeé van Vliet

A great day at work

At Mapiq, we strive for creating a great day at work. Unfortunately, we cannot give meeting rooms sixth senses, build in a teleporting feature or hand you the perfect coffee. But we can help you optimise your workplace and help you throughout your day. And to help you, we are curious to find out your expectations of a smart office. What did you find out, illusion or reality?

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How to manage an empty office

Viewpoint / Mar 31, 2020 / Esmeé van Vliet

How to manage an empty office

In last week’s webinar, we talked about how we can support employees at home. Together with Simone van Tongeren from ENGIE, Marco van Gelder from Veldhoen + Company and René van der Vlugt from WRKPLC we explored the topics of well-being, collaboration, and productivity. What stood out the most fo...

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How to support employees to collaborate from home

Viewpoint / Mar 17, 2020 / Esmeé van Vliet

How to support employees to collaborate from home

At the moment, employees all over the world are working from home. Although there has been said at some point the office would disappear altogether, we believe it’s here to stay. The office plays an important part in employee happiness, productivity, creativity, and collaboration. Right now, we’r...

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