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The benefits of activity-based working for employees

Whether you’re moving into a brand-new office, redesigning your current one or adding smart technology, the benefits of activity-based working may already be clear. This new way of working improves productivity, enhances well-being and stimulates collaboration. However, employees don’t embrace activity-based working instantly if we tell them their productivity increases, or the company is saving money. But rather by answering the question: what’s in it for me? So, what are the benefits of activity-based working for employees?

Esmeé van Vliet
by Esmeé van Vliet
Activity-based working benefits
What are the benefits of activity-based working for employees?

Finding a place to work that fits their needs

The goal of activity-based working is not to take away the desks of employees. It’s about looking at working in the office differently. If employees no longer have a desk, they have the freedom to pick a spot they like in the office. And that’s different for everyone. It may be next to their favorite colleague to chat or next to the window. Or they choose a workplace based on what they are planning on doing that day, such as writing or collaborating. Employees can move around the office, in fact, the office stimulates employees to move around. But you have to make sure employees know the office, so they know where to move around to. Or our natural habits will direct us back to the same spots easily.

Helping to pick a workplace

With the help of smart technology, you can show employees where, for example, the phone booths or focus areas are. And with more than just an overview, employees can also see where there are free spots realtime. So they don’t have to be disappointed when they find out the place they wanted to work is already taken. Activity-based working gives employees the possibility to find a place to work they like, and by doing so, giving them their autonomy back.

Finding colleagues to collaborate with

If we rewind to the times we worked in either individual offices or cubicles, we would notice that there isn’t really a lot of collaborating going on. You may meet your colleagues on the way to the coffee machine, or see them at lunch, but while your working there isn’t really the opportunity to learn from another colleague and fix something instantly. And at Mapiq, we believe in those sacred moments of innovative ideas by meeting ad hoc. In our series of interviews, René van der Vlugt, digital transformation lead at Microsoft mentioned that in their new office, collaboration is key.

Bringing it all together

For employees, working activity-based means they can also pick next to whom they want to sit. Or join their colleagues in the fun area for example. But you can’t find out if you’re favorite colleague is playing a game if you don’t have smart technology. With Mapiq, you can easily see who’s in the office and where they are. This lowers the barriers to knock on the office of management to ask a question, because popping-by a desk literally lowers down the doors.

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