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Mapiq's perfect meeting rooms

The past few weeks we have been talking about how you should arrange your perfect meetings. We focussed on the effect of ineffective meetings, the ROI of ad hoc room booking and how your workspace should match your activities. To wrap up on a personal note we want to give you a peek into our office. That is why we asked our team members to name their favorite meeting spot in the office. Read more about our epic meeting rooms below!

Anne Wernand
by Anne Wernand
A peak into the Mapiq office and our favorite meeting rooms
A peek into the Mapiq office and our favorite meeting rooms

Niche couch - Customer Success

Because we regularly make calls to our customers, we spend a lot of time in this area. Our office is an open office space which makes it difficult to make a call without interrupting anyone. This Prooff Niche couch allows us to make all our calls in our own work environment and leaving our co-workers undisturbed. But once we’ve scored a big hit, we can’t always celebrate in silence of course 😉.

Mapiq HQ
Floris Welman making a call in his favorite workspace

Pixel room - Development

The Pixel Paradise is our favorite meeting spot. The product team uses the room for their daily scrums, refinements and demos. The whole room is filled with Bene blocks which makes it possible to alter the space to our activity. We can put together a high desk for a stand-up meeting or a tribune once we want to present our findings. It is nice to play around with the blocks and to create a completely new setting. The cool tech like video calling and the Samsung whiteboard is also a big plus.

Mapiq HQ
Development team members scrumming in the Pixel Room

Lounge area - Marketing

If you ask us, this is our favorite place to work. In marketing, we do a lot of brainstorm sessions for our campaigns and content. We like a surrounding that pulls us out of the office vibe and into a more creative and informal setting. This area also perfectly suits for catching up with your coworkers or getting to know a new colleague. Good looking furniture and a great view always create a nice ambiance.

Mapiq HQ
Marre Oudhof & Anne Wernand meeting up in the Lounge Area

YES!Delft Meeting Hall - Founders Mapiq

This is the open meeting space of YES!Delft, where the Mapiq history was written. YES!Delft brings technical start-ups from Delft together and facilitates inspiring offices. Even though Mapiq moved to another part of the building because of our fast growth, we like to meet up here once in a while. Not only does this area have a sentimental value to us, but it brings out great creativity because of the ambiance and people working around here.

Mapiq HQ
Sander Schutte & Jasper Schuurmans meeting in the YES!Delft Meeting Hall

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